by laura janning

Weekly Wow's - Stunning home, Pergola, Bar Cart

July 3, 2015

The other day I walked into my kitchen to see a 'miner' cleaning his rocks in the sink, a 'waiter' in a tux saying he is going to serve me breakfast and a sassy 'cheetah' who was purring cause she was ready to eat. 
Take a look at my real life funny farm.

If you follow me on Instagram here, you probably saw my comment about hoping that my hubby would walk in as a housekeeper. Sadly, that didn't happen. But it's all good, and the house is still a mess.

4th decor around the farm and a low boil

June 30, 2015

We are hosting a few friends this weekend for the 4th of July holiday. And since this summer has been about everything slow and easy, we are doing a low boil. If you are a Cajun, then you totally get this. If not, basically we will throw some shrimp, hot sausage, corn cobs, small red potatoes,onions and if we were really lucky to find any... crawfish, into a big pot, season with some Zatarains shrimp and crab boil and let it boil away.  

Guest House Updates- Part 2

June 29, 2015

So it occurred to me while sipping on some frozen fruity drinks at the beach with my mom last week while we were in Florida, that I better get this Coppertone bum in gear and finish the updates that I want to do before she gets here in 4 weeks. I really haven't done enough to share up until today, and even these might appear to be a tad bit lame, but for my mom's sake (and cause I know she is reading this), the updates will happen and be ready for her arrival.

Weekend Wow's- Summer Art, Paper Flowers, DIY ladder for the library

June 27, 2015

Happy Weekend! 

In a few hours we will be on our way back home (Insert mega boo-boo face)  from a wonderful family vacation in Palm Coast Florida. 

I guess I should have mentioned that we packed it up and headed down south to the beach this past week, but I was afraid that you would have wanted to come with, and as much as I wanted you to be there, sadly there was no room in the car.  Maybe next time. Next week I will share some highlights from one of the best weeks of the year!

While we experienced a couple of stormy hot summer afternoons which is pretty typical, I found some inspiration that I wanted to pass along.

Decorating with the same tray...3 ways

June 23, 2015

It's safe to say, when I love someone, you will know.  It's no secret. You can just tell. 
When I find a good pair of jeans that fit well, I might buy a couple of pairs. Same thing with a good tee shirt.....in some different colors. Same thing with shoes and lip gloss.