by laura janning

Turn a Terra Cotta Saucer into a Cupcake Stand

May 28, 2015

Ready for this months challenge...... 

I wouldn't say that I am the most craftiest gal on the planet...not even close. 
But I try. 
And sometimes it's hard.
Cause I tend to over think.
And occasionally stress out.
Then reach for a cupcake...or two, who's counting. There small.
Then guilt sets in. sigh

Operation Project Pergola

May 27, 2015

I have been waiting for this day to finally get here after 12 years, so we can finally begin the first big project of the summer 2015. I am calling it Operation Project Pergola.  And when all is said and done, it should look like a lot like this when we are finished....less the weather vain and two sides and not attached to our home.

Actually the backyard is getting some serious love this summer with another biggie, a screened in porch. To a home that has several outdoor areas and mosquito's the size of a small dog, a screened in porch is huge.
But first things first. Pergola.

Right now after demo this weekend, the current state of the back deck looks like this.........

Weekly Wow's- Stunning family room, Kitchen, Patriotic DIY ideas, Home renovation

May 23, 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! With the hustle and bustle of end of school year activities, I am looking forward to just chillin out for the long weekend. It's funny how the last 152 days of the school year just kind of snuck right up there, and then in the last couple of weeks...... elevated levels of chaos all around.
 Hubby took the week off to embark on our biggest outdoor project in a long time. I am anxious to share the plan, and our progress next week with you.

Amazing Family Room here

With Memorial Day a few days away, this wreath should get you in the patriotic spirit..... 

My Spinning Succulent Centerpiece

May 21, 2015

I love a good challenge... product.... price. Who doesn't? And when Decor Steal's contacted me about styling a mystery product, that they would be sending me and another blogging pal, that I love dearly, I said why not....We got this!

And so ....the Industrial Vintage hardware spinner arrived.

Summer Front Porch Color of Year ...Yellow

May 20, 2015

I am not sure that my front porch got the memo about the color of the year.

Or if it did.... it just didn't care. Southern Porches are like that.

Marsala is not it's best color and besides, between you and me, could you see this porch in that color anyways? Nah