by laura janning

I had to laugh at this one....

November 15, 2011

Let me start off by saying that my husband has freely given up his voting rights on anything that has to do with the inside decor of our home. This is the way it has been since we have been married and will always be the way it is. When I do feel the need to get a sense of how he feels about changes I have made, purchases or paint color on the wall, his typical response ( without looking at whatever "it" is ) is usually " great" , "looks good".  So the other day when I completed my latest project ( details in a second) I was completely taken back by a comment. He actually had a comment , besides "great", "looks good". The project that I completed was applying vinyl numbers ( from my beloved Silhoutte machine of course) on the risers of my staircase. I thought it looked great and was really excited about it since it was something that I have wanted to get done for quite some time, the idea came from Houzz . So my big moment to show him the staircase and what does he say, " Honey, Jeez, don't you think that's a bit elementary?"  What????? Elementary?? Honey in case you forgot we have 3 childern under the age of 6 in this house!!  His comment, which I thought was pretty funny, made me realize that perhaps I should start asking his opinion more often. I wonder if he realizes that we got the house painted a totally different color 2 years ago. Boy, I sure hope he likes it!!

The staircase before

Close up of the font and size of the letter.
The Staircase After
The staircase after


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