by laura janning

Delicious treat idea for Your Valentine

February 9, 2012

Although my love for chocolate is out of this world, these scrumptious treats that I made are  pretty darn "sweet"! I wasn't entirely sure how they were going to turn out, but I am pleased to say that I have impressed myself with my hidden culinary skills. If you find yourself eating ~200 of these, then I would say you would agree as well!

This is basically an improvised cake pop because  instead of the traditional "cake" batter that you would use, I  used plain donut holes.
If you are not familiar with making cake pops here's some easy instructions for you to try.
Supplies needed
Candy Melts- I used Wilton Brand Red Candy
Lolipop sticks
Donut Holes

(Sorry of the image quality)
Melt your candy in a heater on high temp. I use the Wilton Candy Melt. There are other brands out there but this is the only one that I am familiar with. When your candy is thoroughly melted you can place your temp on warm. Take your stick and dip the tip into the candy melt, insert about 1/2 way into your donut hole. Place on a plate upright.
Chill your pops for about 1 hour. This will allow time for the candy to harden to the donut hole, thus securing it to the stick. 

Turn your candy melt back on to high or warm depending on the consistency of your candy. Now your ready to decorate your pops. Dip your pop into the candy melt, cover entire pop and tap off excess. After a few seconds apply your embellishments.This is where you can be totally creative and use sugars, sprinkles, nuts and candies. For this project I bought a bottle that had a variety of colors perfect for my valentine treats.
Place your pops on wax paper until they are dried and the candy mixture hardens. You can also used styrofoam and stick the pops in to dry.

Now if I can only stop eating my red pops long enough to get them all packaged for my children's class , I'll be in good shape or I will need to get in shape!

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  1. Take my word for it, these are soooo good! I hope there are some left on our next visit!

  2. It looks great, thanks for the idea.

  3. These look delicious and easy!! How do you store them and transport them?


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