by laura janning

Love Fest - Moss heart wreaths

February 3, 2012

I love to hang wreaths at my front door. It's such a great way to express yourself before guests come into your home.
This year if you come to my front door, you will be greeted by these lovely moss wreaths.
 Nothing fancy, just a simple expression of how you will feel when you come to my home- loved. Well, at least I hope so.

 I added a few other accessories to complete the look. A red birdhouse, pillows on the chair and natural elements of dried sticks.
If you are not into moss ( no feelings hurt) I have found a few other wreath ideas you may want to consider.

Red satin wreaths from My Blessed Life

This Martha Stewart inspired wreath made out of cupcake liners from Tater Tot's and Jello

I saved my favorite for last. Yes, I even like this better then my plain little mossy one's. This is from Salvaged Whimsy and made out of tissue paper. These will be on my door's next year!

So, if moss is your thing, I hope you will come back tomorrow where I show you how to make my DIY Moss Heart Wreaths as the Love Fest continues.
With Love,


  1. I love them. And I love your front door. So pretty. The sticks and bird house looks nice. Awesome!

  2. I need to get one of those for next year, love them!! I shared your burlap heart napkin rings today in a ♥ filled post.
    Happy Friday to you Laura.

  3. Love them all so much! Still not sure which is my favorite!

  4. Your wreaths look just gorgeous on your doors! Have a great weekend :o)

    1. thanks but they look so boring compared to all the other beauties out there!


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