by laura janning

But are your sure?

March 5, 2012

Aren't these roses beautiful?
I picked them up the other day at Kroger for $2.99
What I love more about my discounted roses, is this pretty little vase that I put them in
 See, that was discounted as well ( and cheaper then the roses) because the clerk thought the paint was chipped. 
"But Miss Cashier, it's suppose to have those chips, that's the look". Not wanting to argue, I thanked her for not having a clue about all things chippy and took the discount.
 I sure hope she's not reading this post and figures out about the chippy thing!
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  1. They are beautiful... makes me anxious for Spring flowers!

  2. Happy to be following you, and I love the roses! Spring has sprung everywhere in the blogosphere this week:)

  3. Some gals have all the luck! Nice finds - happy tribe follower!

  4. Love it! Though I'm so brutally honest that I would've insisted she bring a manager over to assess the situation ....

    ... and that's why I'm a terrible thrifter ...




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