by laura janning

Flip Flop Gardener on Wisteria Lane

April 26, 2012

A certain  part of my garden is a lot like Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewife's. Wild and crazy, out of control, and very colorful.
I am talking about my own Wisteria that is growing in my garden.
Wisteria is a fast growing plant which can get out of control very easily. It can grow up to 10 feet a year in zones 3-9, which is basically everywhere except Mexico, S.Florida,Hawaii and some parts of California.  My Wisteria  growing on this arbor, needs regular pruning/cutting on the bottom so that it doesn't wrap itself around surrounding plants.
Walk by the Wisteria this time of the year, and you will hear nothing but the sound of buzzing.
I told you wild and crazy- bee's doing their thing!
Wisteria is a very colorful plant/vine with beautiful shades of purple. It's lovely against the strong shades of green in the leaves.
Wisteria can be planted anytime and once established is not high maintenance ( unlike the other women on the lane) when it comes to soil or water. My Wisteria plant has been in this spot for 4 years .
When I am sitting  next to my Wisteria I can't help but take in all of the beauty that this plant has to offer both hanging on the vine and as cut flowers.
The cost of the plant is relatively cheap compared to the enormous amount of beauty you will get year after year and without all of the drama that you'll find on Wisteria Lane.
PS.If you are a Desperate Housewife fan then you know the street Wisteria Lane.But you many not know that the street located at Universal Studios Hollywood,  is actually named Colonial Street. 

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  1. It has really filled the space with beauty! You and your green thumb are awesome!

  2. Oh so beautiful! I've tried Wisteria where I live but the winters are too cold for it. Thank you for sharing your lovely setting.

  3. Your wisteria is beautiful as is the rest of your garden.
    Mary Alice

  4. Gorgeous colors!

    Keep workin that garden Laura.

  5. oh how i miss having wisteria in my garden! Our last home had wisteria but it became somewhat "to happy"! So in this home, i haven't planted any...Enjoy seeing yours!!! I host a garden party that starts up again next Thursday (May 3rd) would love to see you link up sometime! xoox tracie
    PS - coming over from French Country Cottage to visit your darling blog!

  6. Your wisteria is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing some about this plant... I've recently been considering planting some.

  7. Note to self- Buy a witeria plant this weekend! What a beautiful place to hang out. I love it :-)

  8. I love Wisteria and yours is so pretty...what a charming spot.

  9. Just lovely, Laura! I'd never get anything done -- I'd just be soaking in all the beauty and grace.
    Have a good weekend ~ xo Heidi

  10. Gorgeous, Laura! Wow. What a beautiful place to sit and sip a glass of iced tea! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Along the Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida the wisteria bloomed a few weeks ago. There is a hybrid wisteria that only takes one year to reach the maturity it needs before blooming. I read about it at http://www.wilsonbroslandscape.com/VineFileWisteriaAmethystFalls.html Thanks for sharing your garden pictures.

  12. Gorgeous - we had some untamed wisteria growing wildly and wrapping around trees when we bought out house! Love your arbor!

  13. Your wisteria is absolutely stunning! I love them! I had them in one of our old backyards and wish I had the right place for one in this yard.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. You've inspired me to try growing it! Yours is just beautiful!

  15. I want a Wisteria growing in my yard
    really bad but I live in zone10 and it's hot
    steamy, sandy/clay soil and just the
    wrong climate for it.. so I'll just
    enjoy your photos!

  16. Your wisteria plant is beautiful!!!


  17. yay - i am so glad you joined the party! thank you!!!! Love that wisteria (but you already knew that) lol....have a fantastic week! xoxo, tracie

  18. Gorgeous pics and Fabulous Garden! Makes me wanna stop by and sit for awhile:) Deidre http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com


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