by laura janning

Happy Easter and some Lily Care Tips

April 8, 2012

Easter Lily

Today you or someone you know may receive a beautiful Easter Lily plant. I wanted to pass on a few basic caring tips to keep your plant healthy and beautiful.
  • Remove the yellow parts of your Lily which are called Anthers.  They are messy but doing so, will keep the petals white and give the flowers longer time to look beautiful.
  • Temperatures of around 60° to 65°F will keep your Lily flowers lasting the longest.
  • The best place for your Lily is in a room with natural light.
  • The soil of your plant should be kept lightly moist as long as your lily continues to flower.
  • Consider transplanting your Lily- I have always had the best luck of transplanting my Easter Lily outside to the garden. Lily's will come back each year, if cared for properly.
  • Keep Kitty away as Lily's can be dangerous and deadly to cats. 
Enjoy this day with your family and friends.

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  1. Great tips. I have never tried to transplant a lily before. Nice post! Happy Easter!


  2. Happy Easter Laura! great tips....so many of these a t church today! ;)

  3. Oh, so if I take the yellow part off *first* then it won't be dropping pollen all over my table a week later? I'm coming to you for all my floer-care questions from now on. In fact, you inspired me to buy flowers recently, I thought of you as I was pulling out all my vases, and re-forming bouquets to disperse throughout the house. Thank you.



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