by laura janning

Last Minute Easter Ideas from my Kids Preschool

April 5, 2012

Okay, I wish I could take credit for this absolutely cute Easter treat, but I can only take credit for the photos. This  phenomenal Easter treat was made for the kids preschool Easter party the other day
How stinkin cute is that!  The white chocolate bunny is faced down in a basket of chocolate pudding and  cookie crumbs. The bunny's body parts are fondant and the carrots are candy.
(sorry for the photo quality)
The cute "bottoms up bunnies" were displayed on a tiered pedestal with these sweet lil yellow cake pop chicks in the middle
After seeing this mom's creations , I am a little embarrassed to show you what I brought!


  1. That is pretty darn adorable! I also liked and shared the little chick deviled eggs and folks loved them.

  2. Soooo stinking cute! There's a mom like that in every class, trust me. :)
    Happy Easter to you and yours, Laura!
    xo Heidi

  3. Wow, your preschool really upped the ante this year! I could never compete, but I must say I love the bunny tushies in the air!


  4. How gorgeous but don't you hate clever mums like that ...they always put the rest of us to shame!!! But I do love the bunnies & she is very clever and I always admire those that go the extra mile!
    Happy Easter and have a great break!

  5. Hahaha! And I pinned that project on Pinterest a couple of days ago ... is that mom a blogger too?



  6. Wow Laura thank you sooo much for all yours and everyones sweet comments I feel so Blessed :) It's only by the grace of God...
    Check out me out on facebook @ Miliy's Dulce Heavenly Bites :)


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