by laura janning

My "Something" has arrived!

April 18, 2012

I can't lie, I have anxiously been waiting for "something" to arrive and today it did!
You see, a few weeks back my buddy Linda over at It All Started With Paint asked if I would like to participate in an event called Pass It On. The idea being that I would receive "something" wonderfully handmade for me, and I in turn would reciprocate and make something handmade for someone too.
 What a wonderful idea and what wonderful pillows I received
They are looking awesome in my family room as I sit back and wonder what I will be making to pass it on to someone else
Who knows, maybe you will be my lucky recipient.


  1. All I got today was a big box from FedEx... of toilet paper. Yes really, I ordered in bulk because I'm tired of filling my cart with it every time I grocery shop.


  2. What a great idea! I'm so glad you were a recipient of something so wonderful. I imagine it would be a bit nerve wracking trying to make something just right to pass on to someone else :) You'll do a fantastic job, I'm sure. Thanks so much for your blog! It's an inspiration to see all the beautiful things you create!

  3. To my very dear bloggy friend: thanks for the wonderful post! So happy that you're happy with what I sent ...

    ... and looking forward to see what you decide to pass on ...



  4. I am so glad you are a part of the pass it on project. I can't wait to see what wonderfulness you send to someone you appreciate. :)

  5. What a fantastic thought,think I might do this with my family (grandchildren)pass on a surprise to cousins,then do a surprise receipe to ladies of a new group I joined and see where that goes,what could be a better way to bless someone then a unexpected blessing

  6. Love the ruffled pillow! Love the idea of the pass it on project, too! Can't wait to see what you make to send on.


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