by laura janning

No bad girls allowed!

April 24, 2012

I am attending a slumber party today - The Pillowpalooza. I told Linda the host over at It All Started With Paint that I would be there under one condition - when I am sleeping, make sure that the bad girls don't put water in my bra and put it in the freezer.  Sadly, that is a  memory of the last slumber party I ever attended. So naturally coming to Linda's, I was reluctant as I did not want a repeat occurence from the bad girls. Besides bad girls probably don't like pillows anyway so maybe they won't show up! 
The bad girls would probably like these though
What do you think bad girls, jealous of the "fun" blue that I was inspired by when I read this months Coastal Living?
Jealous of the cute bird sitting on a birdcage on top of a drop cloth pillow?
 Or, this smaller pillow with the bird chirping away?
 Tell you what bad girls, if you promise to  behave and not do the water thing then you can click here and I will show you how to make the drop cloth pillow. 
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  1. Love these! They are so much fun! I'm glad I wasn't a bad girl, or I would be insanely jealous. (Or in jail. Or married to a former bad boy who is now 1oo pounds overweight and can't hold a job for more than six months. Or have a hundred tatoos. Anyway, you get the picture.) I will have to check out your shop after school.

  2. These pillows are so cute! What a great shade of blue.

  3. Love you pillows! Magazines are great inspiration!
    Have a great day!

  4. These pillows are so cheerful and cute! LOVE them!


  5. I love the birds and your color choice. Have fun at the party no bad girls here.

  6. I LOVE these pillows...I am passing up those expensive Sunbrella pillows and making much cuter!!!...

  7. LOVE these pillows Laura, bravo! Your patio vignette is pretty awesome too.
    Have a great time at your event.

  8. Oh no! lol Not a fun prank! I love your pillows, Laura. Beautiful work (as usual)!

  9. No bad girls allowed at this here slumber party!

    I just adore your blue bird pillows! Darling and so great for the great outdoors ...

    Thanks so much for linking up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!



  10. LOL! girls can be so mean! ;) But these are absolutely adorable! I love how they go together but are different! Stopping by from the Live Laugh Rowe blog hop, new follower!

  11. Laura you crack me up! You are so witty i enjoy reading you blog and those pillows are great!!

  12. Nice coastal color, nice little bird, brrr cold body parts.


  13. Your pillows are so pretty. I love the color and of course the drop cloth fabric. I'm not a bad girl wink-wink.


  14. Laura,

    Seriously! I am in love with these! That blue is amazing and the graphics are perfect with that bright color!

    I am totally pinning!

    :) me

  15. Hi Laura! I love your pillows!

  16. Blue always goes well outside, maybe it;s the combination of natural greenery and the blue sky, but it's one of my favorite outdoor accent colors. I'm loving the birds:)


  17. these are incredible! you are so talented Laura! the blue is just perfect! :)

    Bonnie @ Uncommon

  18. These are adorable the birds!! Found you via "The Shabby Nest" and am excited to be following you via GFC!!
    Have a great weekend!


  19. hey, those remind me of the cute bird/ cage applique pillow tutorials we have on our site. you should definitely check that tute out as it would make a wonderful complement to your pillows, which are lovely btw.

    thank you for linking it up at our party at

  20. I am so glad you shared this on my blog this morning as well. I'm new to link parties and your blog so this is a double treat! I really love this idea and can't wait until naptime when I can explore your blog more! xoxox

  21. that is a great idea! I love the blue. Thanks for linking up :-)

  22. I love those pillows and that color blue! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I'm going to start following your blog as well:)

  23. they are so cute! i love the pop of color!

  24. I love the pillows and the design of it. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing some great photos.

  25. The blue in the pillows looks amazing great choice of color.


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