by laura janning

Thank You- Wonderful Teachers!

May 16, 2012

I just think the world of the wonderful teachers that my children have been blessed to have this year. Each has had an enormous amount of love and patience for my children and as a mom I certainly can't thank them enough. 

With just a few days left of school and my oldest graduating... kindergarten,  I am sending the kids off today with an end of the year gift for each of their teachers. 

I thought the teachers might look a little more stylish bringing this bag to schoo. This bag is also perfect to use for the beach, spa, school or shopping. 

I got these bags at Hobby Lobby...for next to nothing with the 50% coupon. I decided to personalize each of the bags with the teachers initial. I did this two ways. With some, I used iron on fabric (M) and on others I stenciled fabric paint (C).

 I couldn't find a bag big enough for my thanks and appreciation so I hope they will enjoy this one........

and leave the big old canvas one at home!

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  1. those are adorable! i am working on teacher gifts- emmy is done next week so i need to hurry up and finish!

  2. Love this idea! NY schools end so late that I get to mine the blogosphere for ideas. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such cute gifts! I love the personalization of them, so creative!

  4. Another trip to the store for me I guess. You've had me out shopping so much recently...at least that's what I'll tell my hubby- ha! These are fabulous, love them. Your teachers are lucky to have a parent who cares and shows appreciation as much as you do.

    Thanks for inspiring us!

  5. These are fabulous! The painted designs makes them look so fun and classy! The best part is that they are not tied to teaching so the bag can be used anytime! Great idea :)

    This teacher gives you an A+

  6. As a teacher, I would love getting one of these! I think I may have to make one! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Out with the apple teacher gifts and in with this fabulous bag!



  9. Adorable bags! I want one! Thanks for linking up this week - come stop over - I am featuring you today :o)
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  10. What a great idea, Laura! As a teacher, I would LOVE one of these. Or a beach house.

  11. I second Kirby's comment!! Can I forward this link to my room mom? ;-)


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