by laura janning

Do You Want to nrelate too?

June 8, 2012

I'll admit, there's a lot to learn when it comes to blogging. Thank goodness for the many gadgets, tips and tools to help us improve our blogs. I wanted to share one tool with you that will help "relate" relevant  post results to your readers , it's called nrelate.
In addition to providing relevant post results it also offers several styling options, monetization opportunities, let's my readers find more content on my blog and increase Top This Top That's page views. The most important of all the benefits to me though, has been the customer service. One day I was having a bit of trouble changing the style of my thumbnails, contacted Customer Service via email and immediately got response and assistance. I love that!
So, if you are like me and want awesome benefits for your blog and incredible customer service that's fast and reliable go here to sign up for content publisher with nrelate. Nrelate can be installed for  Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr
What are you waiting for?

FYI- This post is sponsored by nrelate, but all opinions expressed in this post are just mine.


  1. It is great! I use it too, but I guess I was selfish I didn't share with my readers LOL!!! Have a great weekend. I'm doing a post with you in mind next week so make sure to stop by :)

  2. This looks like a great idea! I went over to the website and I am interested in learning more about it! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


  3. i am certainly going to have to find out about this! sounds very interesting and if you recommend it -- that's good enough for me!!!! (hugs) happy weekend!

  4. I'm going to have to check it out ... thanks for the tip!




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