by laura janning

The Easiest Summer Burlap Wreath

June 22, 2012

Remember when my Rock Star Burlap Wreath went on a Springtime Tour?
You know, the Rock Star Wreath that may have more twitter followers then Lady Gaga
Maybe more facebook friends then Mark Zuckerberg
and I am thinking more stage props and dancers then Celine Dion in her Las Vegas shows?
Well, my rock star is going on a summer tour.

To get me started with an appropriate costume change, and
in the spirit of summer, I decided to add some stars in traditional summer fabrics and a mossy butterfly. 
For my stars, I created a star to use as a template and traced it onto the fabrics.
I applied the mod podge solution to the stars, put the fabric on top and applied a second coat of Mod Podge.
 When the the stars were dry, I used 3D Adhesive Mounts to stack and secure the stars into position on the wreath
Once the stars were completed, I wanted them to have their own "dancer" and created a mossy butterfly.
I applied Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer over the butterfly to help restore the look.
The stars also got a coat of sealer.
Awesome performance, ugh?
And for an encore....
Eat your heart out J Lo, but I think my dancers are hotter!

To get a ticket for this show, click here for the wreath tutorial, here for the butterfly tutorial. 

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  1. I don't suppose you have heard about my affir with Mod Podge? It's true. Did you make these wreaths here at the hotel?

  2. Your wreaths look awesome. I love the burlap.

  3. Rock star INDEED!!!!! Now with the red and white bandana going on -- the rock star look is jersey style...aka...BRUCE style! : ) these gorgeous wreaths were surely BORN in the USA!!!! : ) sure MANY more followers to come! hugs...

  4. love this!! The red and burlap stars are simple darling. I vote you do a burlap wreath for EVERY season!!!

  5. I am going to be using some Modge Podge this week...Love the wreaths! Found you over at Serenity Now. Have a great weekend!

  6. Way cute! I love the natural look (and scent) of burlap. (:

  7. Cute post to go with a super cute project ... sponsored or not ...



  8. Your wreaths are fabulous and great new ideas on how to use the MP products!

  9. Very well done I knew that you would do something really creative. Your wreaths look great.

  10. Double the fun! These look great Laura!

  11. I gotta get me some some fresh Mod Podge. I want something to dance on my porch.


  12. Jo Lo's got nothing on those gals! They've got back!

  13. Ok, ROCK STAR -- :-D
    How stinking cute is this??
    xo Heidi

  14. Very cute wreath! You had to have been thrilled to get to try all of those Mod Podge products. I really like the applicator and will look for it.

    I'm visiting via Serenity Now and hope you'll stop by.

  15. Great looking wreaths. They look festive and easy to make!

  16. Double wreaths! Get outta town. SOOOO cute. Love then twice as much.

  17. This is so cute! I need to jump on the Mod Podge bandwagon. I've never used it and it looks like I'm missing out! Thanks for sharing.

    Just found your blog from the Serenity Now Link Party. I love your blog! New Follower :)

    Join my "All Things Pretty" Blog Hop!

  18. What?? Mod Podge has all that stuff??? I speak Mod Podge and didn't know.... Love your new wreaths! Awesome job, girl!!

  19. This is too cute. A double Rock-Star Wreath tour. Its like J-Lo and Madonna on stage at the same time. LOL

    I am sooooo happy I got to meet you at Haven. It was a pleasure to hang out with you and get to know you too. I so hope we can meet again next year, or who knows - at another Blog conference.

    Take care and please stay in touch!

    xxoo, Barb

  20. Laura...Laura...you can tell Plaid that you made me a believer...that I can be a Mod Podge DIY'er because of you....I loved that wreath before, and love it even more now....And as far as the singers and dancers go...let's just skip over Celine and J Lo...and let's just say, the wreaths are definitely up there with the "Rockettes"...They rock!!.....

  21. Love the wreath! It certainly doesn't look easy...I'm glad to have found your tutorial to give it that layered look. It's great that you were able to make the wreath interchangeable for each season. Love the Mod Podge-d stars!

  22. Love your revamped burlap wreath!

  23. Those look great and I love your front doors. Sooo pretty. So nice to meet you at Haven, though briefly.

  24. New to your blog and follower. I love the burlap on the wreath with the stars. I see so many creative ideas.


  25. Great wreath - I think you could use that year round!

  26. Very creative.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. Your wreaths are gorgeous and look amazing on your front doors!

  28. Your wreaths are beautiful! I love your doors.


  29. Your wreaths are beautiful. Saw them on pinterest.


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