by laura janning

For the Love of a Day Lily

June 2, 2012

If you have a green thumb, don't have a problem dividing and planting  and can grow perennials effortlessly this post is NOT for you ( but you can read along anyways).
It's for everyone else, and you know who you are
Don't be ashamed, I use to be just like you. I had no idea what a  Day Lily was. I had no idea that a few plants could spread and naturalize like this over time along my pathway
or if I dug up the plant every few years and divided them, I could get this along a retaining wall
Imagine my shock when I realized how pretty the Stella d'Oro Daylilies would look as a border in my front yard landcape
 Or as a filler in my garden
Or around the pond in the backyard
 But the biggest shock of all was when I realized I could cut these effortless, easy to grow, no maintenance daylilies and use them in flower arrangements from Spring to Fall
 Don't be embarrassed or ashamed by not knowing any of this, remember I use to be one of you too! The biggest mistake you could make though, is not heading out to your garden center today to buy a few plants or better yet, asking a friend if you could dig up a few plants  and creating your own lily gardens.
 Have a great weekend!
FYI- Typically I post my Weekly Wow's on Sundays but now that summer is here and I want more lazy days and fun times with the kids , I will be moving my weekly wow's to a monthly series instead.

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  1. I love my daylilies! (I even dug some up from our old house to bring with us to the new house.)

  2. Gorgeous photos, Laura. I love day lilies and have a ton in my yard. I like the Stella d'Oro, too.

  3. One of my best friends and gardening guru just gave me about 8 stalks a few weeks ago! I have no idea what color they will be, but I'm thrilled that they seem to be "taking" in my garden. :) Liz

  4. We received a few daylilies from our in-laws, when they were digging them up and dividing them. In the past couple years, they've grown huge! I love them. We're going to divide ours this fall, so I can't wait to spread them all over our yard. :)

  5. I have some, but only because they were here when we bought the house :) We've been here 8 years, and there's been no division! I'll get right on that!

  6. Laura, this is a delightful post! I love my day lily garden. It's small and contained, but just today I saw some Stella de' Oro and thought, "I need to add some of those." Thanks for the encouragement. ~ Sarah

  7. So pretty, Laura!
    They do spread fast and they make such a nice cut arrangement, don't they?

    I have the same varieties that you have in the yellow and the orange/peach colors. I would like to add some of the pink ones this year!

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Lovely yard pictures. I would like
    to see more of your pond! Hint hint.


  8. Your daylilies look terrific! We have many around our home and we love their easy care. Right now I'm waiting for one of my white ones to bloom. It's a little behind all the rest.

  9. I love day lilies. Stellas are fabulous for borders indeed. We have them here there and everywhere.

    Wonderful post and beautiful flowers.

  10. I love daylilies too and I'm amazed at how mine grow with so little effort on my part! I'm sad today though, my husband cut down one of my two new ones by accident while weeding! I know it will grow back, but they were new and on each side of my front step. Boo hoo!

  11. Daylilies are some of my very favorites! What a beautiful garden you have. Visiting from the Cozy Home Party.

  12. I love daylilies but unfortunately so do the deer...the highways of North Carolina are beautifully covered with the daylilies...the highways are a sea of yellow with those beautiful flowers..only wish I could have taken a picture, but a little hard when you are driving and no where to pull off the interstate safely...

  13. I love day lilies but when I planted them they bloomed just once and then I would just get the long green leaves. Yours are beautiful. Visiting from Cozy Home Scenes. xo

  14. Daylilies are the best. I have quite a few around my yard. I need to dig some up, but I'm running out of places to put them! Yours are lovely.

  15. My mom has always been an avid gardener, so we've always had daylilies in the garden. They grow well, and since they are easily divided, friends and neighbors tend to give them to us. Just mention to your friends that you're looking for things to plant in your garden and usually at the end of the season, someone will give you plants like this to give you a head start on next year's garden.

    Thanks for joining us at Your Cozy Home Party this week.

  16. I have always been a lover of daylillies, at one point I had over thirty varieties! I now have two daylily plants in my garden. I live in Ohio and daylillies are "deer candy" last year I gave them all away to caring gardeners with fences it was so bittersweet. Thanks for sharing your photos and reminding me of the good old days :)

  17. I love daylillies and yours are gorgeous but how do you get them to stay open in an arrangement? Mine always close up when I cut them.


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