by laura janning

Guest Cottage Tour (on Dog House Lane)

June 27, 2012

Welcome to our Guest Cottage on Dog House Lane.
Directions are simple. No GPS needed. Go down the long dirt road 1/2 a mile, pass the old school house, take a left at the sign, and you're here.
We like to think our guest cottage is a place that was built for family and friends to come and stay a while, to relax, to enjoy country living at it's best.

The cottage is special to us because my husband and I built it ourselves and even called Dog House Lane home while our own home was being built.
It is special because it's where our DIY skills were realized, who knew, and painted floors got their start- click here
Special because we got to design and build our first cottage kitchen.
Click here for Kitchen renovation 
 Special because we learned how to tile and create a cottage style bath for the first time.
Special because we learned how to create a bedroom for our guests to have a good nights sleep when they come to visit.
And a space to sit and chat and catch up.
Special for the little touches that make it warm and inviting for others.
First time framing, putting dry wall up, tiling a floor, installing plumbing, wiring, renovating a kitchen, painting a floor,installing a bathroom. You name it....we did it!
Special because it's got our heart and soul in it. A labor of love, that represents who we are and what we love to do.......  but didn't know until this project. 
I hope you enjoyed your stay at the cottage on Dog House Lane. Ya'll come back now!

For More of My Home Tour click here

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  1. I have just put a load in the dryer. As soon as it's done, I'll be there! (So cute!)

  2. how cute is that!!! i love it- love the painted floors!

  3. Oh Laura, its beautiful!!! When can I come stay???

  4. I love it all, from the painted floors to the view outside! What a warm and inviting place for guests to stay.

  5. I'm packing my bags, my dog, my mister and my 4 kiddos...be there in a jiffy!
    Great to meet you at Haven!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  6. Laura,
    This is a lovely cottage and any guest would be very lucky to have stayed in it. The view of the cottage is as dreamy as the view looking out! Love the painted floors and all the other touches you put into it!

  7. I think I know where I'll be staying for the next Haven conference ...

    Just lovely!



  8. Gorgeous, and looks soooo inviting Ü

  9. So Beautiful - I would love to visit in a place a cozy as that.

  10. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    Oh Laura, Where do you live and when can we stay? Seriously though if it's someplace where we might want to go, then I would love to stay there. Just email your info. Sandy B on yahoo.com, teapotsandy. Thanks!!

  11. Oh, it gorgeous, i couldn't visit i would never want to leave!

  12. This is such a beautiful post! The cottage is wonderful. You have done such a great job making it special. I know how hard all that DIY stuff is... Visiting from 52 Mantels. Happy Fourth!

  13. Can I have your guest house too? Its is absolutely charming, every square inch of it. How fun to have a house for family and friends. I would probably be decorating it every other month though. haha

    Thanks for sharing, xxoo Barb

  14. What an incredible place for guests!!!!

  15. Oh...wasn't that my suitcase I saw in the corner?....

    Whoa...you guys are incredible!!....I knew you were an incredible decorator, but builder too?...Move over Ana White...!!!

    Amazing property Laura...!...

  16. Wow! I love it. I'll be right over!!! :)

  17. Laura,

    Could this be anymore amazing! I saw it over at Hometalk! Your guest cottage needs to be in a magazine :)


    :) me

  18. Oh my gosh, that is beautiful! You two have created such a relaxing place to stay and so homey! Well done! :)

  19. This is so wonderful. I just love it. YOu did such a great job on this cottage. It is just perfect for dreaming, and sleeping, maybe just a nap...I want to see it up close! the kitchen is charming too. Love the little plate rack on the wall. Great job! Great post.

  20. I love all the architectural elements in the cottage. Lucky guests!

  21. Packing my bags right now - but I warn you, I may never leave!!

  22. Beautiful! And how special to have so many experiences and memories attached to it.

  23. It is lovely and how wonderful that you were able to build it yourself. It makes it all that much more special :)

  24. Hi, I'm stopping by from the At The Picket Fence party. Your guest cottage is great and I love all the space your have for your guests.

  25. That is an absolutely beautiful guest house! Can I be your guest?!?!? I'm a new member!!
    Found you over at "At the Pickett Fence" linky party, hope you'll stop by for a visit!

  26. Loved the tour! I don't think guests will ever want to leave!

  27. What a wonderful place! Love the red and white sun porch. How's the weather?

  28. It's beautiful and has great memories.


  29. WOW this is just amazing, love that you built it! I will be featuring it next week.

  30. OMG, what a beautiful way for your friends to enjoy their stay! You are so talented. I love the attention to detail.

    Thanks for sharing!

  31. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your cottage and the surrrounding land. From the inviting sign, on down the road to the cottage itself, I've enjoyed my visit from across the miles down here in South Florida.

  32. I have always dreamed of having a guest cottage. I can't believe you guys built this yourself. It's so cute!!


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