by laura janning

Birdbath Makeover (No more Angry Birds)

July 4, 2012

Talk about Angry Birds. For months those things have been bathing in this-well,not so pretty birdbath
Didn't seem right since I was enjoying my book and my bubbly
and bathing here
So to rid myself of the guilt from watching those poor birds suffer
 (and suffer they did), I decided to give the birdbath a bit of a makeover the other day and did this
 And this- turned out lovely, don't ya think?
And I am happy to say that the birds are happy and will not be flying South any longer! Now if only I can get that Angry Bird song out of my head
If you have bird guilt (and I know some of you do), click here and I will help you get rid of it and show you how I did this makeover.
Have a wonderful 4th of July Holiday!
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  1. Great job Laura! Those tiles are beautiful. Cant wait to see how you did it.

  2. Fabulous transformation!! ;)

  3. Quite nicely done, Laura!

  4. Beautiful bird bath Laura!!...I am sure they are "tweeting" from the trees..".tweeting" that there is new bird bath in town..

    Got a tip from Susan from Between Naps on the Porch....she told me that she puts ice cubes in the bird bath each day....in these temps, it keeps the water from "boiling"...so the "angry birds" will not longer be angry...as they not only have a gorgeous bird bath, but will be "tweeting" that you also serve their beverage "on the rocks"....

  5. How beautiful, Laura! What a transformation!! Feel free to visit my blog as I've been blogging about bird baths a lot lately as well! What I need now is to know how to make my bathtub look like yours! Will you have a DIY for that in the future? Yours is gorgeous!!!...Donna

  6. Is that a mosaic I see???


  7. This is very pretty! Hope you had a lovely 4th of July and weekend.

  8. Very nice to meet you Laura. Your birdbath turned out so pretty. I see a glimpse of your fabulous project. Your post cracked me up with the angry bird comment. I am your newest follower. Pop in to say hello and hopefully follow along.

  9. Beautiful! I'll def. be back to see how you did it. I saw your link at the FHC's pinning party.

  10. Superb! I will definitely come back to see your plan of attack for this formerly ugly birdbath. Of course it did have good bones to work with. Kind of makes me want to do it myself. Of course I don't have one to restore yet.....
    Thanks for coming to our party!

  11. Fantastic job! I love it! I'm visiting from the pinning party/game, I've pinned this and I'm now a follower!

  12. What a great makeover!

    Looks beautiful in your garden,,


  13. No, I'm telling you, my birds are angrier than yours - mine looks worse! Bought at a yard sale a few months ago and love it, but it seriously needs a redo! Going to look around your blog to see if you've shared the deets yet. Oh BTW I found your link at 2805's linky party. Hugs ~ Mary

  14. Very attractive! : )

  15. That is so pretty, I might have to take a dip myself!

  16. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    i would love to hear the details of doing this project i have wanted to do this for some time and have been saving pretty colored glass bottles and tile to work with, love this birdbath.. florida native

  17. Beautiful, I am pinning. Blessings, Ginger

  18. Love it! Visiting from the Pin The Tail party and you're getting pinned by me! I'm late, I know...I've been out! Better late than never right! Happy birdies.....

  19. Hi Laura, what a beautiful makeover. I bet the birds love it now. Thanks for joining the Hot Fun in the Summer party.

  20. Terrific job on the birdbath makeover Laura!

  21. Lovely! The birds are bathing in luxury! Stopping by from the Best DIY Project of 2012.


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