by laura janning

Forgive Me...

July 30, 2012

 I must admit
I am a bit embarrassed.
See, I  have been a slacker. 
I have not lived up to my commitments. 
Today you were suppose to see my Media room updates, but I have No room updates to show you except for how I used my time since the last update here .
So, instead of finishing the paint in the room
I was enjoying a quick get away with my family to a beautiful lake house in Tennessee
And instead of coming up with art work for the walls in the room, inspired from these from Ballard Designs
I was celebrating the birth of my twins who were born 
4 years ago
And instead of modifying the curtains in the room
I was watching my 6 year as a ring bearer in his cousin's wedding in Dallas Texas
And while I should  almost be finished with the space, we enjoyed one last family vacation to the beach, enjoying every second with our kids and with each other
I know...... Slacker. 

PS- And I would do it again, if I could.

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  1. Yep, a true slacker indeed. What beautiful children you have. Enjoy every moment. The media room, and your whole house for that matter, can wait!
    xxoo, Barb

  2. hang your head in shame, girl. ;) looks like you have been busy in a good way!

  3. I guess we'll let it go this time! Glad you got to enjoy some special family time!

  4. Look how seriously he is taking that job! So cute! (We expect twice as much work from you next time.)

  5. So glad you out the computer away to enjoy your summer and time with your family. Looks fabulous. Cant wait to see the media room though :D

  6. Awe, those sweet kiddos should come before us each and every time!! So precious.

  7. What a handsome little ring bearer. (He looks so solemn in that one pic.) You enjoy time with your family. We'll still be right here.

  8. Time well spent...sounds like it was all worth it!

  9. Your little man is so handsome! These are all the same reasons we've been so unproductive too. I feel like such a slacker, so I'm excited to see I'm not alone! :) Happy birthday to your twins!

  10. AnonymousJuly 30, 2012

    Beautiful family, fun vacation, now get busy and finish the media room can't wait to see it.

  11. Totally worth it! I love, love, love seeing pics of your kiddos! It really personalizes your blog and gives me a little insight into your life. Plus, the media room will still be there...


  12. No slacker. You are doing exactly what you need to do at this time in your life. Those kids will be grown and gone in a flash! Enjoy every moment! I did!

  13. Children grow up so very quickly, enjoy every possible moment with them. Houses, and blogs, can wait! Beautiful children, how very blessed you are!

  14. Slacker of the best sort!! Love the pics... xo Heidi

  15. Oh, what a perfect slacker week! Your kids are adorable ... and happy b-day to the twins and bravo to the handsome ring bearer!


  16. Spending time with your family and creating those life long memories is way more important than decorating or blogging. Sounds like you have your priorities on order to me!

  17. Sounds like the perfect slacker week!!! What a fun way to end summer. :) Theater updates can always wait. :)

  18. Didn't you tell me you were not gonna make it to the beach this year? LUCKY!!! Bet you had the cutest kids splashing around.


  19. Slacker here too! I love what you did with your time, you are no slacker for sure!


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