by laura janning

My Media Room Update ( Bloggers Without Borders Week 2)

July 16, 2012

I wasn't sure what to highlight in this post, the changes I have made in the media room or how "crazy" I am. Yes I called me crazy, and if I didn't want to offend anyone with my potty mouth I would call me a goofball too!
Let me explain. 
I left you last with these images of my Media Room. Here's the front of the room.
 and the back of the room
My first goal was to paint the room, so I chose the same neutral color I have in my game room to lighten the space (I didn't even consider other colors - this is why I am a goofball), and began painting 
and dismantling chairs to paint behind them
 and finishing the last section of the room
And the room was done, so I thought.  I had a completed room that now looked like this
and this
See this is where the crazy comes in. After chatting it up with my buddy Kariann  who is the master with one pint of Grey paint, she suggests Anonymous by Sherwin Williams. So I try out that color, and really think it is a better choice.The color works well with the black carpet and beautifully with my red theater chairs.
Here's the color with just one coat) behind the chairs that I will have to dismantel to paint behind again
And here's the color with two coats, in the corner 
And so I am leaving you this week with a small area in the corner of the room that has been painted. You can call me crazy, just don't tell me I wasn't working on the room!

Don't forget to check out what my other pals in this challenge have been working on this week. Hopefully they weren't goofballs too and got more done.
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  1. I know that feeling--there are at least fifty shades of grey. (Sorry...couldn't resist. ;)

  2. great choice! i think the darker gray will help keep the room cozier feeling. can't wait to see it all done!

  3. I like the gray better too. Happy painitng! :)

  4. Black would be the more obvious choice for the normal person. But since we are all about style AND comfort I think they gray will be beautiful. Cant wait to see the finished room!

  5. Man! I can't wait to see the final product!!

  6. Hahahaha, nothing like starting over. But that new gray is going to be perfect ... I think. ;)

  7. Oh my goodness, a lot of work girl! The second color looks great! Good luck and I hope you don't have to dismantle those chairs again for a long time :)

  8. I actually think it's a better choice too. It's going to be so great!!!

  9. When KariAnn speaks of gray paint, we listen!...Looking great Laura!!!

  10. Looks great so far!!! I have been known to do a few crazy things every now and then too!!!! LOL

  11. Love the gray! Sometimes it's trial and error, no? Rock on!
    xo Heidi

  12. Oh, you were working! I really like the gray too:)


  13. Yes, Anonymous is a great color! Ugh, I know it's frustrating to think you're done and then have to start over, but it will be worth it. Can't wait for the reveal!

  14. Haha, I too agree with the darker shade of grey in your home theatre! The lighter one was didn’t exactly go well with the rest of the colors of the room. This darker grey makes the entire room feel more modern, and is more streamlined with the rest of the colors. It actually makes the red feel richer and the black feel cooler. It will also reduce a lot of light/color glare that can occur on the screen.


  15. I enjoy reading your articles. You really have a wonderful blogs. Keep up the good work. Thank you also for the information!



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