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Someone's at the Door- We Got Company!

July 25, 2012

Hello Top This Top That readers!

My name is KariAnne and I blog about.....well.....actually.....I blog about a lot of random bits of life over at Thistlewood Farm.
Thistlewood Farm is a turn-of-the-century farmhouse at the corner of where a cornfield meets a long winding country road.
It is our forever and ever house. A house filled with laughter and joy. A house where games of Monopoly never end, where you can read books in the leafy branches of a treehouse, follow a winding path to create projects galore in a tiny art house and tell jokes that always end with “orange you glad you didn’t say banana.” A house with turtles and fish and dogs and cats. A house where a warm fire, a good book and a cup of hot tea are always waiting. A house for friends and family to know they are special.

There are a lot of chapters in our story.

Here's one I hope you enjoy:

It's All About the Freshy Decorating
My husband told me he doesn't like "freshy decorating."

Actually the exact quote was, "Why do we have to have so much freshy decorating around here?"


Freshy decorating?

I don't think I've ever heard of that on HGTV before.

And I'm sure the DIY network never featured it.

When he said it, I stared at him blankly. Willing him to go on. Willing him to explain the almost unexplainable term, "freshy decorating."

He just stared back and shrugged and said, "You know. It's like when the decorating takes over the house. When there's freshy stuff everywhere."

Then he paused and stated with great dramatic emphasis:

"Seriously. It's like the furniture is all occupied or something."


I see.

That's what freshy decorating is.

I think it was the pom-pom pillows that pushed him over the edge.

And he was right.

His chair was occupied.

By a freshy pom-pom pillow.

All during baseball season. Oh, the injustice of it all.

But who doesn't love a pom-pom pillow? A pom-pom pillow that I first saw the tutorial for here. That I fell in love with and had to make.

Seriously, all freshiness aside. If you are even thinking of making this pillow, you must run to your nearest craft store and buy some yarn and linen and a pillow form and start churning out pom poms.


Because this pillow is true pom-pom perfection.

Now, if you are curious, "freshy decorating" no longer reigns supreme here at thistlewood.

I moved the pom-pom pillows to a new home.

I removed all freshy items from the coffee table.

I made every attempt to generally de-fresh the room.

And I did it all for love :)

If you would like to read more about all the "freshy decorating" at the farmhouse.....stop by for a glass of sweet tea at Thistlewood Farm.


  1. Still love that term... "freshy decorating"! Only a husband come up with that one :)

  2. Well Miss Thistle, come over to my house and "freshy" up the whole place please. If Brawn gives you any lip about it tell him the Freshy God sent you, cuz we need some freshy.


  3. Laura,

    Thank you so much for having me over for a visit today! I'm sorry I'm a little late to the party :)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  4. This is one of my favorite Thistle-tales, KariAnne! :-)
    Fun to see you in Laura's space -- cheers, ladies!
    xo Heidi


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