by laura janning

DIY Stone Steps

August 20, 2012

As I mentioned here, my husband and I accidentally became non-certified, "not" professional masons. We enjoy a good DIY challenge and laying stone happens to be one of them.

This particular project was unfinished steps in our backyard and was hanging around a little too long on the honey-do list for me. Unfortunately one 100 degree weekend not long ago, my husband had enough of my harassment   requests to get the steps completed and decided we were getting them done.
We used stone that we had laying around from our pond project to create some steps that take you into the play area in our backyard. We purchased several pallets of stone at a local yard that happened to be going out of business and paid significantly less then we would have at a home improvement store, or having someone come do the job for us.

My husband and I developed our mason groove early on. He would load up the stone and concrete bags in the tractor, build the forms and be in charge of mixing the concrete. Works for me!

I on the other hand, would be in charge of pouring the concrete, positioning the stones and cleaning up the joint lines, sweeping etc. Works for him!

Despite the excessive heat, numerous water breaks, and the constant complaining from yours truly-  " I am too hot" " I can't possibly do anymore" and my favorite  " Honey, I got sweat in my eyes and I can't see", we were able to complete both sets of steps.

This is truly a Mason Marriage made in Heaven!
For more of my projects, visit my project gallery here.

PS- without this concrete mixer that we purchased years ago, we would have a hard time considering projects like this. One of the best purchases we ever made for mixing up the concrete. Got it at the Home Depot.

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  1. Nice! You two obviously make a good team. I love working with my husband outdoors too. We haven't attempted masonry yet...but it's on the list! Yours steps look great!

  2. You did a great job on your steps! That was no easy feat working with that stone and concrete!

  3. the stone look is beautiful! great job!

  4. Laura, I just saw this on Hometalk. I commented there, but I had to come over to tell you that your projects are amazing!

  5. Are you kidding me??!! You deserve some sort of DIY medal. I feel proud of myself if I just hold a can of spray paint in my hands. I hope you are now fully hydrated, rested, and enjoying your beautiful steps. They look incredible.

  6. Wow! What a great job you guys did. I absolutely love it- stonework is one of my favorite parts of a landscape- xo Diana

  7. That is brillian....I would have never thought to purchase a cement mixet! Seriously!

    We are always going old-school with the wheelbarrow method!

    :) me

  8. Your new steps look incredible! You deserve a giant pat on the back for this project.

  9. Laura...the steps are fantastic!....Yes, you can certainly add "Mason" to your many titles of achievement!...and I am definitely going to use the "sweat in my eyes" the next time I am working in the yard!!!..Unbelievable job!!

  10. Lol -- you are a beast! I love these steps... care to venture over to Marietta and do some here? I can assure you this is one DIY the hubs and I WON'T attempt! :)
    xo Heidi

  11. great job. i bought myself a cement mixer when i got my divorce, sad thing is with everything that has happened since then i haven't gotten to play with it yet. would love to try what you did though. your lucky your hubby enjoys this as much as you do.

  12. great job. i bought myself a cement mixer when i got my divorce, sad thing is with everything that has happened since then i haven't gotten to play with it yet. would love to try what you did though. your lucky your hubby enjoys this as much as you do.

  13. Think I left the brick and brick layer comment last time so this time I'll just say hey! did you know you can tumble stones in that size mixer too to make them all smooth?


  14. You did a fabulous job! I love the new look.

    You were so smart to buy the mixer. We have put in way too many slabs of concrete by mixing it in the wheelbarrow!

    Have a great day.

  15. Turnned out beautiful. I know you are proud of it.

  16. Your steps turned out great. I have never seen this done before.....thanks for sharing!


  17. Oh my backyard could use this DIY! Love it.

  18. LOVE! We are waiting for cooler weather to finish our outdoor project at my back porch door.

  19. mamazta 64July 24, 2015

    yeah this is what I need in my back steps on my house, winter just broke the old ones I have a concrete mixer that I ask for mother days 4 years ago. I let you know if I can fallow this tutorial. Thank you for the inspiration.


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