by laura janning

My little fruit secret

August 29, 2012

I have something to tell you today....
Something that I have never shared with you....
Something that I think you should know.... 
Something that without a doubt will change your life, your fruits life and more specifically your banana's life.

How many have bananas that after a few short days after you buy them look similar to this?
Nothing more unsightly on the fruit plate then spotted brown, ripen bananas, especially when they are sitting near the stunning red and green apples!
How many wish that after a few days of buying your bananas , they looked more like this?

Ready for the secret? Leaving your bananas connected at the stem will ripen them faster. So as soon as you bring those bananas home from the store take them apart so they will live a bit longer on the fruit plate. FYI- I am not a professional fruit tester, nor do I want to be I just happen to see this in my local paper and decided to try it.
So, if you think that I am not totally bananas at this point, and you like bananas just as much as I do, then you will love a couple of recipes that I recently came across.

Have a great Wednesday! I am off to the store to buy me some 
ice cream to make that shake!
PS- For the record- when i tried this, it saved my bananas for at least 2 extras days ( which is a lifetime for a banana), although I did not test my own  theory, I also think it has to do with room temps- I'm just sayin!

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  1. So did you actually try this? I have read on other sites that it does not make a difference. Someone did this to some and then kept others together and had the same result.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Did not know this.

  3. this is a trick i never knew but will be of infinite help!

  4. Well who knew??? (You did!) Thanks for sharing this...you are right 2 days in a lifetime in the banana world!

  5. Thank you, Laura, for joining us again for the Southern Mamas blog hop! We look forward to connecting with you :)

    -Megan @ {All Things New}

  6. Your banana tip post is timely for me. I just purchased a bunch yesterday for a friend coming into town this weekend and she won't eat them once there's a spot of brown. I bought them green but will separate them all tonite just to be extra safe.
    Thank you!!

  7. Laura: Whether it works or not it certainly is worth the try. When they do go too brown (black) put them in the freezer to use at another time for another project, but be careful when opening the freezer door for the avalanche (in my house)..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. I saw on Pinterest that if you covered the ends of your bananas with tinfoil then it keeps them greener longer! I tried it and it seemed to work!

    Thanks for joining in on the Southern Mama's Blog Hop! :)

    -Sonja {Running In Pearls}

  9. Great tip Laura! How did I get to be 49 and never know that. What a simple step and I hope I'll be throwing out a lot less bananas now.

  10. I did not know this!!...great tip...I am off to break those nanas apart!!....Love bananas too...favorite ice cream...Coldstone Banana with hot fudge and pecans...:)

  11. Well, learn something new every day. When they get to the brown speckled point I put them in the fridge. The skins turn brown but they stay fresh inside for several days. xo Diana

  12. I am totally giving this a shot, Laura!! We either eat all of them within 24 hours or they sit for days untouched -- I can't ever gauge it correctly. At least now, maybe they'll look better while sitting. :)
    xo heidi

  13. Laura,

    I am looking at some bananas that look like the first bananas right now. Really! Thanks for an amazing tip!

    Have a great day rock star!

  14. great tip Laura! those banana desserts look oh so yummy!

  15. great tip will have to try since I love bananas

  16. Your blog is beautiful! Love the banana tip - going to try it next time since I have 3 black bananas connected at the stem in my fruit bowl right now.

    Thanks for linking up on the Southern Mama's Blog Hop! Loved having you!

  17. I am totally intrigued! Thanks for this banana-science experiment idea for my kiddos! ;)

  18. I love this tip! I will have to try it out ...


  19. Well,good to know,gonna sure try this out!Thanks!


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