by laura janning

My Fall Table

September 18, 2012

I wonder what the dinner conversation around my table will be like this Fall?
 Perhaps my guests will comment on my old picture turned chalkboard on the wall ushering in the Fall Season?
 Or maybe they will want to know if I harvested and picked the wheat that's used in the place setting?
Oh I know, they will probably want to know where I got those gold chargers that I put out, and comment on how well they work with the traditional fall colors of orange, yellow and green. 

 Wait it a minute, I bet it's going to be about my Burlap Cornucopia that sits in the middle of the table. 
 They might even fall out of their chairs and on to the floor when I tell them it was made with a tomato cage!

And I imagine my real nosy guests ( the same one's that fell to the floor) will want to know how much I paid for my Pier One plates that sit on top of the chargers.
 Enjoy your meal and the conversation.
For more of my fall projects , click here.
PS- After dinner you can click here to see how I constructed the cornucopia.

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  1. Beautiful tablescape and what a gorgeous centerpiece!!

  2. Aren't you the smartest using a tomato cage for that. Pretty tablescape.

  3. Gorgeous tablescape!!...The conversation will be of how so very talented and creative you are!!!....

  4. I love it...all of it is simply gorgeous! I would definitely not be falling out of my chair! More like...taking notes ;)


  5. Lovely! Love all the details!

  6. Looks great Laura and that tomato cage burlap cornucopia is amazing! So creative....

  7. You have such a flair for combining all these lovely elements! Very welcoming and cozy!

  8. I'm pretty nosy. S'pose I'd be on the floor.

  9. What a beautiful table!! I love the cornucopia - that is amazing and so appropriate for the season.


  10. A great fall table. It is really pretty. Blessings, Diane Roark www.recipesforourdailybread.com

  11. Gorgeous! I'm in awe of your burlap cornucopia! What's for dessert?? ;-)
    xo Heidi

  12. How cool is that cornucopia!! Hopping over to pin that baby!

  13. I love that cornucopia.....seriously. When it goes viral....will you remember the little people :)

    Have a great day rock star!

  14. I am sure the conversation will be engaging just as the table setting is! it is drop dead gorgeous!!!!! kudos!

    as far as Halloween not being what it use to be -- i will have to say my Mom did do a lot -- she was always class Mom (i know that is where i get it from ...only she wasn't invovled in the PTO and i made it up the high ladder...wouldn't do it again however : ) LOL!!!! making things for the class is so much more fun! i will say though that trick or treating has changed A LOT...I remember miles of territory covered and major swaps being held and tons stored for the winter months : ) LOL!!!! sending hugs!!! : )

  15. Your tablescape is simply gorgeous! Your guests will definitely be asking all those questions. :D

  16. I have some tomato cages. They did not do such a great job with the tomato's so perhaps they should be turned into cornucopias.


  17. I just tried to comment and got this message ..Conflicterende bewerkingen

    Er zijn tegelijkertijd meerdere pogingen gedaan om deze bron bij te werken. Dit wordt mogelijk veroorzaakt doordat je hebt dubbelgeklikt op een link of een knop, of omdat iemand anders deze blog of dit bericht ook aan het bijwerken is.

    Klik op de knop Vorige

    Ummm, yeah, Blogger translate everything to Dutch for me. So I have no idea if it went through but still think this is all awesome!!

  18. your table is absolutely beautiful....fall is my favorite season, and I never tire of seeing how everyone decorates!

    You've got a great eye for pulling it all together.

  19. I imagine warm and cozy dinners around your beautiful table. Love your centerpiece.


  20. A burlap cornucopia?? So clever and adorable! Love your beautiful table - thank you so much for linking up to the Traditions N~S~E~W Thanksgiving Linky Party. Am following you on twitter and pinterest now :)

  21. Neat idea to use the tomato cage. Love the feathers. It would be great to have you link to Seasonal Sundays one of these Sundays. This would be the perfect post!

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Beautiful tablescape! I love the feathers!


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