by laura janning

My John Deere Inspired Mailbox

September 10, 2012

Oh no. I think I owe you an apology. I am so sorry if I had you running around all weekend looking for my mailbox that I showed you here
Sorry if I mislead you into thinking you could buy it at some tractor supply place somewhere on a dirt road in the country or on eBay or craigs list, because you can't. Not this one anyways. Nope, this is a one of a kind Flea Market Treasure, and it didn't always look this good.
See when we got it, it lacked a lot style and color.  Heck, even my mailman would drive right by and throw us our junk mail!
But that all changed one day with a little bit of spray paint and some aluminium foil.
Add a little bit of outdoor yellow vinyl for the stripes, a little red on the flag and the tractor  mailbox is good to go. 

 Since I put this mailbox up even my mailman has even stopped delivering the junk mail. Now if I could only get him to stop delivering the bills!

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  1. WOW my friend! You sure rocked this project! How fabulous...you really created and awesome piece for sure! You could probably market these!!!! applause and appaws for you!!!!! : ) sending hug...

  2. Laura, this must be a magical mailbox... no junk mail!!! I laughed out loud when I saw that you painted your tractor right on the post!!!! Good for you!!! I love the JD tractor colors... I'm showing this to my tractor ridin' John Deere lovin' husband! What a fun post and really great mailbox!

  3. Laura,

    You could sell that mailbox at auction around here! And it would totally go for top dollar!

    I'm just sayin'

    Have a great day rock star!


  4. That is a really cute mailbox- Nice makeover on it. Now if your name was only John Deere you could stencil that on the side!;>) xo Diana

  5. I just noticed the "guy" driving the tractor...how cute is that!?!...Well, that was one talented person who made that mailbox..and another who painted it!!!...So I am assuming that the man driving the tractor is named "John".....Have a great week!!

  6. You did a fantastic job on that mailbox. Wow!

  7. I can't even believe that's the same mailbox. It's soooo cute! And the aluminum foil? What a great idea? You are SO smart and talented!!

  8. I love the way you remodel your mailbox so unique, and with this mailbox you will get a plenty of mail everyday....:)

  9. Love it! John Deere is very popular where I live; I know a lot of people who would love to have this mailbox!

  10. I've always wanted a nice mailbox... that is awesome..!!


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