by laura janning

My "Serenity" Deck gets a makeover

September 12, 2012

Welcome to my little place, tucked in the corner of my garden that's just mine.I call it my Serenity Deck. 
My little escape. It's where my kids send me for my "time outs". It's where the family knows they need to make a reservation in advance if mama is on the deck and they need me.
This weekend my little Oasis got a quick and inexpensive makeover. The makeover actually revolved around these $4.00 pillows. 
End of season sale pillows at the Home Depot and a $6.00 side table that I picked up at a garage sale.
What's cool about the table, is that the top is a removable tray so when I am in 'time out' I can move it around.
The chairs were freshened up as well with a few coats of Aqua Spray paint. They were looking a bit drab and beat. Certainly not something that I wanted to be sitting in during my moments of escape.
 When I do feel like having company( with a reservation of course), it makes a great spot for a date night with my husband. 
Or I can just sit here all day with my Restoration Hardware catalog and eat watermelon and pretend that I don't hear the kids screaming!
Can you believe the size of that thing? It may take me all day just to read it. Oh well.

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  1. That is beautiful! I was just looking at a small deck made with pallets and thinking I needed one. Now I know I need my own "serentity" deck and I want it to look as great as yours!

  2. Looks gorgeous, Laura! Love the new color of your chairs... at first I thought you bought new ones! Your place is so beautiful.

  3. it looks beautiful! i could hang out there....

  4. What a great spot to chill. That is where I am going to come hang out with you. Get the wine ready.

  5. what a beautiful place to spend some time alone love the new color

  6. Love the new aqua color! What a perfect alone time space! Thanks for sharing.

  7. That looks so serene. Nice job!

  8. I had the same thought when I got the RH catalogue too! Now if only I could get my kids to send me on a time out and not get involved in a long game of construction machines and moving "dirt". At least the dirt today is made up of blankets and pillows!

  9. What a pretty retreat....Love the new color of the chairs....they scream "serenity" ... Just got my RH catalog...it will take me a week to go thru it...
    All you need now is a great fire pit to keep warm when you are hiding out in the evenings!

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  11. What a beautiful site and a funny post.

  12. I don't get the Restoration Hardware catalog, so I'm gonna have to have a time out at your house and I think I'd like that.


  13. What an awesome spot? The aqua is perfection. :) Can I make a reservation? ;-)
    xo Heidi

  14. What a beautiful spot!

  15. Now I'm dreaming of a serenity deck ... what a great spot to lounge alone or have a date. You should make a big sign that says "Adult Swim" ...



  16. We got our RH catalog last week...it's great, it's inspiring, but who buys that stuff??? I was looking at a little corner picture of an office and just for fun I added it all up 8,000 for a corner of an office. Alas not this working girl.

  17. That truly is a lovely spot! I have a ring of blue chairs in my backyard, too. Love that color!

  18. what a perfect retreat!!!! Oh man and I love chairs. The aqua is perfect. Anddd I have to say that sadly I haven't made it through my RH catalogue quite yet.... but ohhh when it arrives... it is SO exciting!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy
    ps thank you SO much for linking up, that means a lot to me! I am adding you to the pintrest feature board!

  19. Laura you have the most beautiful spaces...it looks perfect...thank you so much for helping us inspire at our first HAPPY HOUR FRIDAY linky party, I appreciate it so much...xo

  20. Your deck looks so calm and serene, Laura. Well, hence the name “Serenity” deck. I guess that is why your mom spends some of her time there. :) I really like the color of your chairs, by the way. Blue symbolizes youth, spirituality, truth, peace, and distance, you know. Detaching yourself from worldly attachments to achieve inner peace.

  21. Oh, I love your serenity deck. (♥.♥) You don’t need to exert a lot of effort to make your deck comforting because it was set in a perfect place. The trees around it make the area cozy. But I have to say that you did a great job on choosing the furniture as it matches with everything. You know how to make your deck look clean and cozy.

    Kylee Groves

  22. Your deck looks amazing! It’s a good decision that you have a shade of blue in your chairs and pillows, which really adds to tranquil feel of your deck. If I had a deck like that at home, I guess I can also pretend that I don’t hear my kids screaming. Hahaha :)

    + Angelina Garcia +


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