by laura janning

The Saga Continues.....

September 29, 2012

On October 12th.
Sorry for the dramatic cliffhanger the other day here, but you didn't think I was gonna spill the goods about whether or not 
"Mr" Rust Protector steals the heart of one beautiful outdoor couch now, did you?
Speaking of drama- how about The Housewives of New Jersey season finale show this week ( I love those Jersey chicks), Private Practice and the fact that poor Pete is gone. I did not expect that. And the cliffhanger played out this week on Grey's Anatomy and that Dr.McSteamy died in the crash. Although not really a shocker since it was announced in July.
And while you are waiting for the Fall In Love With Spray Paint Party on October 12th ( party opens at 6:00am central),  I wanted to share a few inspiration projects from our Fall In Love With Spray Paint Pinterest Boardto help you get started with your own project.
The first one is from Linda ( co-host of the Party) at It All Started With Paint. She used Krylons Chalkboard Paint to create a masterpiece. Brilliant!
How about stenciling some pillows with Spray Paint like Vanessa Christenson did.
And  The Broke Ass Bride shows us how spraying some leaves gold makes such a statement and beautiful centerpiece.
You can check out these inspiring projects and many more on our Fall In Love With Spray Paint Pinterest Board. 
Remember the party is October 12th and opens at 6:00 am central. All fall inspired spray paint projects are welcomed to link up and there will even be a few opportunities for features and prizes for those projects that feature Krylon products.
So whether you are in front of your DVR watching Private Practice or spray painting something awesome this weekend- I hope it's a great one! 


  1. I *heart* Jersey housewives. Mainly because I can think: There but for the Grace of God go I.

  2. Thanks for the shout out my friend! And I been remiss with my Jersey Housewives watching lately ... maybe because Teresa has become demonized and Carolyn has really been bugging me ....

    Looking forward to our party!



  3. Very cool features. And yes...I thought you were going to spill the beans!!

  4. The Grey's premiere has lead me to start watching last season ... which I totally missed. I've watched 9 episodes in 2 days. My blog might have to become a play by play of last season if I don't find a way to pull myself away from the old episodes. :)

  5. I did notice there is still a TopThisTopThat cliffhanger going on....


  6. You are still keeping us hanging....:)
    Love the features!


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