by laura janning

Just a Few Black Spiders and Some Bats

October 30, 2012

Yes, that about sums up the extent of my Halloween decorating in this house.
And that's courtesy really of my little one who asked me the other day " Mommy where's the Pumpkin Decorations".
And it wasn't just once, it was several times over several days ( you know how that goes). So I ran out and picked up a few things that would get them excited and would help me qualify to earn my Halloween decorating badge.
I have never been a big Halloween person, which is probably a good thing cause I would raid my kids buckets of all the chocolate. Not living in a subdivision helps to support not making it such a huge deal around here.
We attended a "Trunk or Treat" over the weekend and are hitting a friends Halloween party on Wednesday, then I will come home and pack up the spiders till next year, that's if the Bat's don't eat them by then!
One thing is for sure, my little Pumpkins sure are cute!
Enjoy the day and night and be safe!


  1. Laura- Those are the best treats you could ever have-those sweet little faces! I don't do much for Halloween but lots for Fall. Blessings to you and your family- xo Diana

  2. I'm a Fall girl, but not so much on the Halloween decor. When our girls were little I would go crazy with Halloween decorations. Only cute Halloween, not scary! Now that they're grown, it's all about Fall with me! Make it fun! Have a great day!

  3. I didn't decorate this year--with no kids at home, it seems pointless. (Can you give me one of your children? I promise I'll be nice.)

  4. Spooooooky :) Love the spider hanging. I didn't really do any Halloween decorating this year....except for the table.


  5. Well you have more Halloween decorations than I do!!!...they are wonderful! and love the "little pumpkins"....they are sooo adorable!!!....Happy Halloween!!

  6. What on earth could be cuter than those three little faces! Superman never looked more adorable! Check out my FB page for a real Halloween decoration!

  7. I'm not a Halloween decorator either -- the spider and Boo planter on my front porch is as far as it goes!! Advantage to having teenagers that could care less if there are spiderwebs in my bushes. :)
    Have fun tonight!
    xo Heidi

  8. You got that right...... your pumpkins are cute. Have I told you that recently? Well it's true, your kids are adorable!


  9. Your pumpkins are adorable! Fun Halloween touches...

  10. CHeers to not being all that into Halloween. I would totally come over and share a glass of wine with you, though. And your pumpkins are the cutest! And spider webby decor perfectly understated.

    We're just getting back in from vacation and I'm slowly trying to get all caught up with what you've been up to.


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