by laura janning

Painting when heights are not an option!

October 15, 2012

I know most of you have heard the saying "fear is not an option" but in my household we say something a tad bit different.....
Particularly when it comes to painting walls in our Kitchen and Family Room.
We say "Heights are not an option"
Not an option, not here in this house. You see,  I have had lots of practice going up and down this ladder so I know.

I actually got my start 10 years ago when we built our house and I painted our walls and ceiling a red color.
Up the ladder I went.
Fast forward 5 years later and the walls and ceiling were painted gold. 
      Up the ladder.
Two years ago I changed everything to green and  painted the ceiling off white. 
      Up the ladder.
Then, I woke up a few weeks ago and decided I wanted the walls to be lighter.   
      So up the ladder I went.
I don't know if I  just love to paint or if I think 'ladder climbing' will be an olympic event one day and I am just in training.
Needless to say I am happy with my choice of paint color and as soon as I finish up, I will share some pictures.
So tell me, are you a skilled ladder climber like me or just crazy when it comes to painting?
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  1. OMG - this is so ironic because my business partner just fell off a ladder last week and broke and ended up in the hospital having major surgery ( she broke 2 vertebrae that had to be replaced with pins ) I posted about it here http://suzyq-vintagous.blogspot.ca/2012/10/dorothy.html
    I'm up and down ladders constantly but have to tell you at this point ( I'm 53 ) when I hit the top step and there's nothing to lean on - my legs start to shake - pls be so careful!!!

  2. Sounds just like the changes around here. Didn't know you had that many colors. I do paint and will go pretty high, but leave the very tall walls for the man. :)

  3. I could not go up that ladder but I admire your ladder climbing skills! As far as painting, the only thing I hate worse than painting is paying a painter :) Looking forward to seeing your finished project.

  4. Probably a bit of both. :-) Can't wait to see the results!
    xo Heidi

  5. Oy. As someone with vertigo, it doesn't look like fun to me, but I know it will be beautiful. Can't wait to see the photos.


  6. A girl has to have ladder skills if she wants to decorate! Your home looks great. :)

  7. Your home is lovely! I have never liked heights, at all. When I was in training to be a firefighter,I was so afraid I would never pass the test, because it involved not only climbing a ladder while carrying a tool, but then placing the tool on the roof, hooking one's legs through the rungs of the ladder, letting go and hanging backward. My fellow firefighters trained tirelessly with me, to get me ready. I passed!!! And for 15 years, I scrambled up and down ladders, even going up in the ladder truck. Never liked the ladder, but loved my job. Since I retired, I don't climb ladders, lol.

  8. Wow, I'm impressed! I would be terrified, but I do understand the need of painting. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. :-) Can't wait to see what it looks like!

  9. I try to avoid climbing ladders, painting and even picking out paint at all costs.


  10. I am impressed as well as I act like it is a chore to pull out the step ladder. I want to tell you it was so nice to meet you at the Southern Bloggers Conference but to tell you that having you sit in front of me was perfect. I sat there the whole time thinking...."I am so going to be better at fixing my hair and dressing cuter and more stylish". You are so pretty and every time I saw your cute outfits I wanted to go back to my room and take off my tacky tees. ; ) I can't wait to browse your blog and look forward to being a faithful reader. Love, Me

  11. I'm just a bad painter, period, let alone a ladder-climbing one!

    Love the new color, so fresh!


  12. Laura...I always knew you were one to achieve great heights!!...now as far as me...well, I could definitely climb the ladder...but it is the thing that once I get up there, I would probably get wobbly legs...not a good thing!...You are good!!...love the new color!!...

  13. Ok, my walls would still be red! You go girl- great job. Bringing a whole new meaning to top this, top that. Lani @ mesocary.com

  14. Well, if you want to make sure something gets done right, you’ll have to do it yourself – that’s definitely the case with you! You made a good choice with the new paint color. It’s very light, which means light will be bouncing off the walls and making the room brighter. It makes the house homier, too, which is always a good thing. I’m noticing a trend here, though: you seem to be making the walls lighter after some time! I won’t be surprised if you go for an even lighter color the next time you go up the ladder! Cheers, Laura!

    Melva Rivers

  15. Just like you, I live in a house we designed and built 10 years ago, with large stained pine trim, and rustic touches. I too am tired of the darkness and ready to go lighter...I'll start in my bedroom first and go from there. We still want to keep the stained trim, but I need some LIGHT!

  16. If heights weren’t an issue, I’m pretty sure that I can have as beautiful a home as yours. I can see that you’ve been climbing a really tall ladder and I bet that you’ve mastered going up and down that ladder after the few changes that you’ve done to your ceiling. Anyway, you’ve got great color choices and I’m pretty sure that you have an awesome interior - and exterior - paint selection. :)

    -^ Mandie Legg ^-

  17. Great job! Now you can reach the heights of the house walls with extension ladder . Thanks for sharing this blog.

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