by laura janning

Candy Coated Pretzel Tips

December 20, 2012

Have you every seen a project that  you have wanted to do for the longest time, finally did and then feel silly that it took you this long to accomplish because it was so easy and effortless ?
This is that project.

Supplies needed
Pretzel Sticks/Rods
Candy Melts- I used red from Wilton
Wax paper

Instructions- Dip, Sprinkle, Dry

Place in pretty decorated once upon a time chip cans, details here and use for hostess gifts, teacher gifts or for your own snack table this holiday season.

Grateful for~
Good teeth after eating all of these sweets!


  1. Hi Laura, these are so pretty! We've done them many times, but honestly, I never thought to try them with the red chocolate. We usually use white, but I have to say that the red looks so festive and pretty, I'll definitely be giving it a try. And the little containers you have them in are so cute. Perfect for a little holiday get together.


  2. Laura I LOVE chocolate dipped pretzels!! They look good!

  3. My daughter makes these every year, too. What a great idea for teacher gifts though, too. I use those round cans for wrapping, too. Have a great day- we are in the midst of a blizzard here- xo Diana

  4. Love your Christmas Pretzel rods and the containers you created too. So festive!

    Merry Christmas Laura!

  5. A great idea! Love the containers, every time I eat Pringles (way to often) I think there should be a good use for those cans, this is a perfect use for them.

  6. I've been dreaming of candy dipped pretzel rods since your post yesterday -- and even searched and pinned some chocolate covered pretzel recipes. I'm making these this weekend ... so, hope you don't mind, but will be posting about it too!

    :) Linda

  7. I love candy coated pretzels...and the container is just the cutest!!!

  8. I do these every Christmas -- they're a favorite and sooo simple. I love your clever packaging, Laura!
    xo Heidi


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