by laura janning

Christmas Decor Outside the House

December 8, 2012

 Although I live out in the country on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere,  with a population of 25 ( including my kids and my donkeys), I still get lots of enjoyment decorating the outside of the house during the holidays. 
And even though my house sits several hundred feet back from the road, over the hill, behind some pastures, then some trees, I still decorate as though I live in a subdivision where there are tons of neighbors walking or driving by hoping for a glimpse of my holiday spirit.
 I imagine if I had neighbors they would be in complete and utter shock that I did not use my burlap wreaths on the front doors this year. What no burlap! Initially when the decorating started off, I had no wreaths on the door just one above it. Feeling slightly nontraditional  I opted for 2 wreaths in Red and Green Deco Mesh and a coordinating ribbon. First time ever using deco mesh.  

This year we are channeling the Griswold's with our Christmas lights and Christmas inflatables. I will share the tutorial on our driveway arched lights next week. If you happen to be in the air flying this time of the year, look down were the brightest spot South of the Mason Dixon line.
This year was also a first for my DIY garland that wraps around my pillars. The garland was very easy to make using inexpensive garland, outdoor balls in red and green, pine cones from the yard and some deco mesh ribbon.  
I sprayed painted the planters that house the poinsettias and the lanterns in a coordinating color called Ivy Green .
Overall I think the look is simple, festive and fun with it's traditional red and pop of granny apple green.
So, if you find yourself driving around this holiday season and come across a town with a population of 25, with a house that has lights that look like the Vegas strip, that would be our house! 
Don't forget to honk your horn and we'll leave the lights on!
Grateful for~
Girlfriends. Near and far. Old and New.

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  2. So cute. Wow lit arches. Y'all really went all out. I need to do a drive by!

  3. My parents have always wanted to do the lighted arches down their driveway, but never have. Looking forward to the tutorial! Everything looks lovely! xo

  4. I lOve it!!!!! Looks so magical!!!!

  5. Looks wonderful beautiful girl..I live on a mountain top and if I hear a car coming I know I better go brush my teeth as I have company ha ha!! love the deco mesh..Your entry is beautiful my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  6. I'm warning NASA that the "Cities that never sleep" of their last reveal is, in fact, a gorgeous home to people who live in full mode.
    I love your decor. When I started reading I thought "Ok must be some neighboor's house"... no burlap... and now I'm left wondering what's that deco mesh... fun never stops around you. Beauty also!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday,

  7. I didn't know your last name was Griswold?!


  8. please share how you made the gorgeous garland

  9. I love the lighter pops of green! Works wonders ! Can you please tell us how to do the wreaths and garland?
    Happy Holidays!!!

  10. I'm lovin' the granny apple green. Everything is so fresh and bright.

  11. Looks so beautiful! Love your lanterns especially.

  12. Laura- Good for you for doing it for yourself and not impress neighbors and passerby. I think that is the true test of a happy heart- Blessings-xo Diana

  13. Laura, I love it. You have inspired me to get out there in the rain and finish my porch. I bet you smile every time you drive up.


  14. Laura - your home is so festive and inviting! It doesn't matter if you're in a subdivision or not - if it makes you and your family happy, that's all that matters. BTW - I couldn't help but think of these words as you were describing where your home is located: Over the hill and through the woods to Laura's house we go...

  15. I love this! It is fabululous! The colors are wonderful.

    For many years we lived in the back pasture of the family farm. J and I decorated to the nines every year, for Christmas, even though we were a mile from the main road down a cow path lane.:-) We loved every minute of the process and in fact became a sort of legend in our neck of the woods.

    Oh and every year on Halloween we decorated the porch and yard, dressed up, played scary music, for all 6 of our little trick or treaters.

    I love your style!

  16. Everything looks great and all your firsts are wonderful. You can do anything :)

  17. So many gorgeous decorations! Truly looks like the holiday spirit! Wish that you were on my block!

  18. What a gorgeous entrance! Love the garland around the pillars. Can't wait to see the rest!

  19. Well you know what happened when our tree channeled the Griswolds..... it fell over and smashed.

    Be careful!


  20. Your outdoor decor with all the lights is so fun and festive. What a great welcome for your family and friends who come to visit!
    Mary Alice

  21. This is so bright and cheerful--I love your use of the apple green--great idea!

  22. Your front porch is soooo good. Love the plants and lanterns and wow the arches must be so much fun to pull up to and see. Happy Holidays.

  23. love love the colors so pretty n festive n the arches wow

  24. Gorgeous front porch!! I love the wreaths:)


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  26. Yikes...those arches are fantastic!!....Gorgeous garland...and love how you painted the lanterns, etc to match the ribbon....your porch is "magical"...I can see the glare of the lights all the way up here!!!

  27. Gorgeous! Totally unbelievably perfect! You are totally driving that itch inside of me that wants a small town!!! XO, Aimee

  28. Looks fantastic! I think if you love the decorations, it shouldn't matter whether you live out in the country or the city...put them up and enjoy them! They look gorgeous!

  29. God Bless you, I would be doing the same thing cause I LOOOOVE to decorate for Christmas! Love that garland and the arches over th driveway are amazing! XO, Pinky

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