by laura janning

DIY Burlap Trees- Tree #1

December 5, 2012

Oh Burlap Tree, Oh Burlap Tree, I really love your fibers

It's just the smell I can do without! 
Here's a tip- spray your finished burlap project with fabreeze or similar product.  It should take the smell out of the material. Did you know the warmer it gets the stinker burlap becomes, so try to keep your burlap project in cooler places.

The other day I shared 3 different ways to create these amazing burlap trees here that can be used for the holiday season. Over the next 3 days I will share the details on how you can make each of the trees. Today I am sharing the details on this tree. Tree #1

Supplies Needed:
Burlap- I used a left over roll of landscape burlap, so the ends are not finished.
Cardboard Cone- craft store
Hot glue
Tacky Spray Adhesive

Step 1- Cover your cone in burlap. This doesn't have to be perfect as this is just to cover the base. Use your tacky spray adhesive to secure.

Step 2- Cut 2-3 inch squares of burlap to cover your tree cone. If you want a fuller tree you will need to cut more burlap squares. If you are using a smaller cone, then you will want to cut your squares 1-2 inches.

Step 3- Begin hot gluing the squares to the cone base, working around the cone in rows. You only need a small bead of glue on each square to secure it to the cone.

Step 4- Continue stacking the burlap squares, working your way up the cone base.

Step 5- When you are finished gluing your burlap squares, take your hand and fluff our your pieces. Fill in any weak spots. Your finished cone tree should look like this.

Tomorrow I will be back to share the tutorial on how to make this tree which was inspired by my burlap wreath here.

and Friday this tree which was inspired by one that I saw in the Ballard's catalog.

Have an amazing "burlap tree" kind of day!
Click here for tutorials on all the trees

Grateful for~
The chance to see 20 little sweet Christmas pajama wearing kids sing their hearts out at the Christmas concert last night.

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  1. Funny. The burlap smell doesn't affect me... you know how sometimes one says what's this smell and you can't find any different? That's burlap for me... but I'm putting off in doing the burlap tablecloth as yesterday Dear Daughter entered my craft room and "yuck, smells funny!"
    Maybe if I wash and wash and wash during the next year I can pull the bt look next year.
    Somehow glue also absorbs part of the odor. Mine is liquid - don't ask ;) - and it did tone down a bit.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. So that's how you make those wonderful trees!! ... Thanks for sharing this...I love them!

  3. Laura...that is one great tree! Easier than I thought too! Now looking forward to the next one!

  4. I have a lot burlap left from an event I did last year. These would be so cute in our guest room with it natural accents. Thanks for sharing your details!

  5. So awesome. I've got my hands full this year but I'm going to save this for next Christmas.

  6. That is just darling. I can't work with burlap. It makes me so itchy I can't stand it- xo Diana

  7. They are all so cute. Thanks for the tutorial :)

  8. Why have I never thought to spray burlap with Febreze? Love the look, but hate the stench (and the mess of working with it, too!) Your trees are so pretty. Love them all.

  9. You're so brilliant with all your burlap savvy! This is AWESOME... ready for the others, too!
    xo Heidi

  10. Visiting from Cozy Little House. These trees are delightful. I like your kitchen, and the "Chef" sign. Cute. Following you via Bloglovin'. Have a great weekend. ~ Nancy

  11. I love this material...last year i prepared a huge wreath for the hall entrance, and it is like a conversation piece for everyone entering my home. Now i am preparing tall bags for wine bottles, to which i adhere a Christmas tag....i hope i am not late to receive the other DIY for trees...love this one you posted last year...will try to make one for my daughter!...tfs.

  12. love your trees. I am trying to find the turorial for the tree that looks more like the loops similar to the burlap wreath...but can't find it..help? thanks.


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