by laura janning

Holiday Entry Way

December 17, 2012

"Ya'll , come on in!" That's what you would hear when you step into my home , or better yet "hurry shut the door, don't let all the flies in".

Welcome to my house where no frills meets a bit of glamour this year. Where burlap collides with mercury glass balls. And where poinsettias get dressed in tulle in my favorite silver bowls.

A house where you would just want to stay for hours chatting about your kids, parents and the weather. Yes weather.

We would talk about how one day we are in shorts putting up the Christmas lights outside and the next day we are bundled up as we decorate the Christmas tree in the Living Room.

Then you might turn your head and peek in my dining room and ask what time you should show up for dinner with your parents, out-laws, in-laws and your 8 kids.

That's when I probably show you to the door and say "thanks for coming by, you tell your mama hello for us".
"Ya'll come back now"!

Grateful for~
Having my mom here for Christmas this year


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  2. Yep, me and my eight kids will be there!
    So pretty and I love your doors.

  3. "You can tell mama hello yourself when she stops by with all my aunts. They are taking some sweet time enjoying the outdoor lights. I'll make sure to tell her, aaallllll of them, how lovely and inviting your Home looks." ahahahah

    Wonderful Job, laura

  4. And to think, I was baking up a big batch of cookies to bring to dinner! Will you let me stay if I bring wine?

  5. You never did say what time dinner is being served? You don't want us to be late now do you?

    Looking pretty! My house is a crash of styles. I just mix it all together lol. How wonderful to have your mom with you for the holidas. Lucky girl ;)

  6. Loved it!! Laura thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us.

  7. If you're cooking Sweetie I'll leave the rest of the family home so you don't have to hurry me out the door.


  8. I only have two kids and three rowdy I mean lovely grandchildren. We will be right over :)

  9. Beautiful! I love the dark table and crisp white fabric on the chair, so pretty :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  10. lol, I just read this post, then the burlap tree post and commented on there with something that will only make sense if you know I read this too. :)

  11. I'm with Kelly!!...Red or white?.....Gorgeous foyer Laura!!...

  12. I'll just come by myself, so as not to put you out any. My kids can fend for themselves. I'll bring the yams.

  13. Ooo, I am loving the burlap. Need to remember to incorporate that into my decor. Saying hi from the link-up! Happy Tuesday!
    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  14. Nice blog... thanks for sharing with us..

  15. Your home looks lovely and sounds like a fun place! I'll come alone, but I'll bring wine -- I'll spring for better than "2 Buck Chuck!"

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