by laura janning

My Christmas Kitchen

December 24, 2012

All week I have wanted to share my Christmas kitchen with you, but I was a bit reluctant, a tad bit nervous. See I didn't want to seem insensitive, uncaring or cruel .
Not because of the fresh Rosemary on my clean counters, the smell of my Yankee candle or that I  finally have a clean sink cause I just loaded the dishes into the dishwasher. The truth is, it was this.....
Do you see that?  My holiday blooper. My red painted letters for the season. I know you are thinking that it says one thing, but the real word is EAT ( bad camera angle), which is what we do in our kitchen, over here
This is our most favorite time to eat at the table because we get the best view of the tree, day or night .
A wonderful time to count our blessings for all of the other many gifts in our lives, pray for peace and prosperity and to laugh off our holiday bloopers.
We have a lot to be thankful for. And as you sit down with your family and loved ones this Christmas, go ahead count your blessings and laugh off your holiday bloopers too!
Merry Christmas.

To see my 2013 Christmas Kitchen click here and home tour here

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  1. The kitchen looks great even with your blooper.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend!

  2. Laura,
    It's beautiful as usual. You were worried about the "blooper" and I was wondering if Fred took out the trash...LOL. You were on him about not doing that the night we went to the concert and met at your house if you remember. Hope you and yours have a Very Merry Christmas! Love Y'all!!!

  3. Sometimes bloopers- even if they aren't permanent are worth the fun!
    Merry Christmas and have a blessed season with your family.

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  4. What's for dinner? merry Christmas!

  5. I love that last shot Laura!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Beautiful Laura! And here's hopping we all have enough food to get a little fat this Christmas!! Have a wonderful week with your family!

  7. Your kitchen looks gorgeous. I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!

  8. love the decorations n your tree looks great
    thanks for sharing merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family

  9. Simply lovely! and thank you for the laugh, I think it is a good thing to have your "EAT" turn into "FAT" depending on if you are sitting or standing!

    I also enjoyed seeing a kitchen with unpainted cabinets. So refreshing and yet I love painted cabinets too. I am so undecided!! lol

    Merry Christmas!


  10. Laura, Your kitchen is beautiful. You did a wonderful job with your decorating. I love it. Love everything about it. Ummmm...the way EAT reads FAT? Perfect for our house!!! xo Diana

  11. I'm trying to figure out why EAT is a blooper, unless of course you wanted it to say fat? Either way, Merry Christmas.


  12. Ha!...love it !...your kitchen is gorgeous...MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!..

  13. Your kitchen is so beautiful and I just love your fireplace too! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. Your blooper needs to be in my kitchen after my dinner last night. Hope you are having a very merry Christmas.


  15. Your place is so beautiful and homey. Have a wonderful Christmas, Laura!

  16. Merry Christmas! Your kitchen looks warm and welcoming and I can't help but chuckle at the camera angle on your "EAT"...maybe I need a word like that to motivate me during the New Year...except I would need the other word "FAT" bwhahahaha!

  17. I'm a blopper myself as you were calling attention to the "Fat" sign and all I could see was that endearing Mug saying Mom ;) (talk about missing the big elephant in the room ahahah)
    You have a gorgeous kitchen. A space well lived and enjoyed.

  18. Merry Christmas, Laura! Hope you all had a blessed day!
    xo Heidi

  19. Bloopers are what life is all about - what we can look back on and laugh til our cheeks hurt! We are a regular Christmas Vacation movie at our house! Your kitchen looks "phat"!

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