by laura janning

Outdoor Christmas Lights

December 14, 2012

No, it's not the Vegas Strip, even though it's bright white lights may suggest that
And believe me what happens out here in the country really does stay in the country
 And no, it's not Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, even though it may look like runway lights from the sky
 And hold off calling the National Enquirer so fast because it's not some UFO sighting in the middle of the country on a dark night 
It's just our idea of creating holiday magic with our outdoor lights. 
This is the first year we put up arches. If I could have found more white mini-lights in the stores, we probably would have had a few more.
I was so inspired by this idea from a trip to Florida last Christmas and wanted to share how easy it is to create lighted arches for your driveway this season.
Supplies Needed:
3/4 inch PVC pipe and connectors. each tunnel is 30 feet.
60 feet of lights
wire and stakes to secure to ground

Step 1:
Drill a hole in the ground for your ends of the PVC pipe
Step 2:
Connect your PVC pipe with connectors so that it reaches across the width of your driveway. 
Step 3:
Wrap your lights around the PVC pipe BEFORE your insert into the holes. For every 10 feet wrap the lights with outdoor tape.  This step will go a lot faster if one twists the pipe while the other wraps the lights .
Step 4:
Insert each end into your holes. Anchor/secure by using heavy gauge wire and securing on both ends.
An area attraction is charging $60.00 a car to drive through the holiday light exhibit. That just seems like a lot of money.

Heck, I'll let you go around for free as many times as you want as long as you enjoy it. 
Just follow the lights to get here!
Grateful for~
A husband who likes to decorate for the holiday as much as I do!


  1. Wow, your lights look beautiful and that is too cool with the pipe "hoops", I just have to show Hubby this!!!

  2. I can just come drive through your lights instead of going to Lake Lanier and no traffic.

  3. I love them, Laura! I bet it seems like you are entering a different world when you drive through them :) Love that you used PVC pipes!

  4. Brilliant idea! I have a million miles of PVC pipe we use to irrigate our pumpkins! Wish I'd seen this sooner, but I'll remember it for next year for sure! I did make a lighted arch of a different type...if I can only get around to writing it up!!

  5. just beautiful n looks like it didn't take to long to do

    1. The love of beauty in its multiple forms is the noblest gift of the human cerebrum.

  6. Very pretty and not too Vegas! Love the arches....my poor Wonder Hubby will be thrilled I have found yet another idea I want to try! Thanks for sharing.

  7. ooh, fun! My kids would LOVE that. Maybe you should be charging $5 ;)

  8. Your lighting ideas are so pretty--I love all the lighting and the columns at the entryway to your lovely home. Everything looks so festive--happy holidays!

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  10. Laura, I love it. I don't think they would hold up in the wind/snow we have here. I wish it would because we have the perfect drive way for it.

    Did you give up on the icicle lights on your dormers? xo Diana

  11. It just looks beautiful, Laura. I think when I walked outside here in Kentucky I could see it lighting up the sky :)

  12. Wow Laura, an amazing job decorating with lights! I love your arches, I've never seen that done at a private home before, they look wonderful! Simply beautiful...
    Debbie :)

  13. Its awesom!!! and you have the perfect driveway for it!!

  14. This is a great idea! and beautiful too!


  16. I'm so in love with this idea! Such a simple project for dramatic results. Ahhh I want to go out and do this immediately!

  17. I love the arches (and the land)! This looks magical.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. So pretty.
    I'd love to just sit in one of your wicker rockers on the porch, watching the lights.
    came by from BNOTP at Susan's blog hop.

  19. What a lovely,welcoming entrance to your home. It's really beautiful.

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  21. Smart idea! You know, the lights did not only give your home aesthetic appeal at night; it also gave safety features for the driveway. Since you don’t have permanent street lights, these outdoor lights could give the same function for guiding the cars on the way to your home. ->Allison Shallenberger

  22. How are the ends of the hoop fastened/secured in the hole in the ground? What keeps the hoop upright? I know that pvc pipe is not flimsy but I'm guessing that something would have to be used for such a wide span.

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  24. Very creative! I am surprised not a single private jet has landed on your pavement that time. =D It's a great way to start a story for the kids too. Hope you do it again this year! Tell them that it would guide Santa Claus to your house to deliver all the presents right at your doorstep. Hihi!

    Allison Shallenberger

  25. I want to see some great Christmas lights this year. Have you heard of blink? Is it a great show?

  26. Thanks I had a lot of fun looking at these. I'm trying to do some exciting christmas lighting in Provo, UT this year hopefully I can do something similar to this.

  27. This is wonderful! I think your size is perfect for my driveway! I have questions, so I will email you directly. Thanks!

  28. Hey, that was pretty awesome! Clever idea! Allow me to pin this to my Christmas decorations pinterest board as it is unique and really something. Cheers!

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