by laura janning

It's My Sister's Birthday!

April 28, 2012

It's my sisters birthday today, and I always struggle on getting her the perfect gift. 
 She's a wonderful person who just happens to love little blue boxes

Boxes that symbolize love and friendship
Boxes that represent the best qualities that a person can have
Boxes that contain wishes and hope for herself and those around her
And boxes that contain chocolate and lots of it!
Happy Birthday to my wonderful twin sister!

PS. sorry it's chocolate and not Tiffany Silver

Flip Flop Gardener on Wisteria Lane

April 26, 2012

A certain  part of my garden is a lot like Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewife's. Wild and crazy, out of control, and very colorful.
I am talking about my own Wisteria that is growing in my garden.
Wisteria is a fast growing plant which can get out of control very easily. It can grow up to 10 feet a year in zones 3-9, which is basically everywhere except Mexico, S.Florida,Hawaii and some parts of California.  My Wisteria  growing on this arbor, needs regular pruning/cutting on the bottom so that it doesn't wrap itself around surrounding plants.
Walk by the Wisteria this time of the year, and you will hear nothing but the sound of buzzing.
I told you wild and crazy- bee's doing their thing!
Wisteria is a very colorful plant/vine with beautiful shades of purple. It's lovely against the strong shades of green in the leaves.
Wisteria can be planted anytime and once established is not high maintenance ( unlike the other women on the lane) when it comes to soil or water. My Wisteria plant has been in this spot for 4 years .
When I am sitting  next to my Wisteria I can't help but take in all of the beauty that this plant has to offer both hanging on the vine and as cut flowers.
The cost of the plant is relatively cheap compared to the enormous amount of beauty you will get year after year and without all of the drama that you'll find on Wisteria Lane.
PS.If you are a Desperate Housewife fan then you know the street Wisteria Lane.But you many not know that the street located at Universal Studios Hollywood,  is actually named Colonial Street. 

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No bad girls allowed!

April 24, 2012

I am attending a slumber party today - The Pillowpalooza. I told Linda the host over at It All Started With Paint that I would be there under one condition - when I am sleeping, make sure that the bad girls don't put water in my bra and put it in the freezer.  Sadly, that is a  memory of the last slumber party I ever attended. So naturally coming to Linda's, I was reluctant as I did not want a repeat occurence from the bad girls. Besides bad girls probably don't like pillows anyway so maybe they won't show up! 
The bad girls would probably like these though
What do you think bad girls, jealous of the "fun" blue that I was inspired by when I read this months Coastal Living?
Jealous of the cute bird sitting on a birdcage on top of a drop cloth pillow?
 Or, this smaller pillow with the bird chirping away?
 Tell you what bad girls, if you promise to  behave and not do the water thing then you can click here and I will show you how to make the drop cloth pillow. 
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If you can sew a straight line, you can make these pillows

April 22, 2012

A few weeks ago I shared some pillows here that I made for my nephew
I typically don't sew. I am too impatient to use a pattern , not good enough to install a zipper and have no clue how to use a serger. But when I stated seeing all of these awesome pillow creations made out of drop cloth, thought it was time to bring out the Singer and see what I could do. I am here to tell you that If you can sew a straight line, stencil and stuff your pillows you can make these pillows too!
 Measure your pillow, allow for at least 1/2 inch on each side for your hem. This pillow is 18 inches, so I cut my piece 19 inches ( and a tad bit more). I am doing an envelope style insert, so fold your fabric over on the pillow to make sure it fits before you pin.
After pinning, I stitched up the 4 sides of my pillow using a simple straight stitch on my machine.
Remove any excess fabric so it does not create additional bulk inside your seams
Flip pillow to the outside and insert your pillow form
This is what the back side should look like
Front Side
And Edges
I added stenciled numbers cut from my Silhouette machine and applied with black fabric paint. Important- When applying fabric paint, be sure to place a piece of cardboard inside the middle of your pillow insert so that the paint does not bleed through the back side of your pillow.
Told you, it's as easy as counting 1,2,3!
Come back Tuesday where I bring two of my latest pillow creations to a slumber party over at Pillowpalooza.
Happy Sunday and Sewing!!
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I was on my way to the beach

April 20, 2012

It all started with our trip to Florida during Spring Break,  when I was on my way to the beach and I stopped over at  my nephews house to bring him his new pillows 
  and his table
Noticing that his place was a bit under furnished in his living space, I suggested that he take a dresser that he was not utilizing out of his bedroom and turn it into a entertainment cabinet. 
  He was reluctant at first , because he thought that it would look "weird" having the same looking furniture in every room of his place ( he has 1 bedroom apartment ) but when I convinced him that I could take care of painting the dresser he was all in favor of the change.
Truth be told, this was also like my "testing lab" where I could try out some ASCP in Graphite
I applied two coats of the paint , and roughed up the edges

 Painted the drawers
 Put the hardware back on
Accessorized with the only two things I could find in the apartment ( I need to work on that)
Then went to the beach!

ps- nephew will be applying the wax to this piece cause Graphite shows every little hand print!

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I had a face lift... Well sorta of

April 19, 2012

I was looking in the mirror the other day and thought, I  need a little work, maybe a lift
no, not that kind of lift ....

One where I could get .50 cc's of social media icons for my side bar, so you can follow me better
 One where I could apply some injections to plump up my header
One where I could have a color consultation and highlight some new brighter colors on my background
Add a little something to enhance my bum button
and I have just the doctor person to do the work- Kristin over at Simply Klassic Design. 
Kristin is totally awesome and exceeded all of my expectations. So, if you like my "lift", go visit Kristin and see how she can help some of your problem areas. You won't be disappointed with your results!

My "Something" has arrived!

April 18, 2012

I can't lie, I have anxiously been waiting for "something" to arrive and today it did!
You see, a few weeks back my buddy Linda over at It All Started With Paint asked if I would like to participate in an event called Pass It On. The idea being that I would receive "something" wonderfully handmade for me, and I in turn would reciprocate and make something handmade for someone too.
 What a wonderful idea and what wonderful pillows I received
They are looking awesome in my family room as I sit back and wonder what I will be making to pass it on to someone else
Who knows, maybe you will be my lucky recipient.