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How to take the "diner" out of the sign!

May 31, 2012

I once loved this sign
But the more my 6 year saw the sign, and started to read simple words, the more he believed it was true and so I slowly began to despise the sign.
So it was time to make a change before my 3 year twins  learned to read and catch on. Since the sign was a good filler for the space that it was in, and serves as a hot spot for the family computer I decided to give it a quick makeover.
Here's what I did:
Applied Black Spray paint
Sanded  down any raised lettering and repainted
Applied some white lettering spelling out FAMILY
 ordered some cute magnetic numbers from Hayden by Haven here
And here you go. No more Denny's!
 Little good the sign did though, my kids still think they can sit at the counter and yell call out food orders!
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Low Cost Outdoor Cabana

May 29, 2012

Today I felt like sitting in the corner, but not just any corner
 This corner, where I can just sit back and relax
even if just for the day, or an hour, or more realistically 5 minutes
A corner where I could  sit under my sail cloth and enjoy my magazines and cool drinks
the whole time being protected by the elements of the sun
A corner under my new summer cabana that I made with just a few low cost items, some power tools and help from the hubby . Click here for all the details on how you can make this low cost summer cabana, so that you can sit in the corner too!
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Easy Flower Arrangement From The Manor

May 25, 2012

Long before I moved to our home, I would be a regular patron in the floral department to get the freshest selection of pretty blooms. The girls at the counter were always quite happy to see me since I was there weekly.
 But then we moved to home in the country -affectionately called 'Duke Manor' and things began to change. 
See, I didn't need the girls at the floral department, I had what I needed right here at the manor to make my own little pretty arrangements.
Actually I should be a little upset with the girls at the counter because they never told me how easy it was to use the blooms from my own yard
along with the basics that I already had- scissors, a glass bowl, a few rocks and some water
 I guess they also thought that I couldn't cut the stems at an angle
and place in my bowl, with my rocks and water
and repeat
Until I got this
Shame on you girls!!
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Flip Flop Gardner- My Obsession With Knock Out Roses

May 23, 2012

Who wouldn't want this rose that is cold tolerant to zone 5, is heat tolerant throughout the U.S, thrives in just about any area in the country and is 
reliably resistant to disease ?
Who wouldn't want this rose that produces multiple blooms every 5 to 6 weeks from spring until the first hard frost?
Who would'nt want this rose that produces beautiful Pink or Red Blooms?
 Who wouldn't want this rose that grows to about 3' wide x 4' tall,  easily maintained  through pruning and ideal for growing in mixed borders, containers or as a hedge ?
 Who wouldn't want this rose that is easy to grow and doesn't need a lot of attention particularly when planted in full sun, with well drained and fertile soil? Just like our ovens, these roses are self cleaning so there is no need to remove the faded or spent flowers. One less thing you have to take care of when your are in the garden!
Come back later this week where I show you how put a simple flower arrangement together using these beautiful blooms.
Happy Gardening!

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Bathroom transformation -That's Not A Lemon!

May 21, 2012

About 5 year ago I totally committed myself to my guest bath by applying a a wall treatment that gave it a "faux stone" look. Taping off each stone, applying  plaster, stippling  and painting= COMMITMENT. Back then I thought it was the best idea ever. I would walk by the bath thinking "how cool is that" and "I so love that". 
I even had my sister in law paint the topiary assuming that I would always like lemons!!
  Well, all those bath sentiments began to feel a little different a few years ago when I had the rest of the main floor painted in lighter shades I then faced my challenge on what to do and how to do it with  this bath. Since I was not about to scrape and sand down the walls back to a smooth finish, I thought I would paint the ceiling, but after a few strokes and several months of looking at this, I realized that wasn't the answer.
 Then it hit me again after I finished painting my office, that maybe I should approach the bath with a different color palette. And so I did, on the ceiling first,with Grey.
I began to feel those positive bath sentiments emerge again, so I mixed a combination of white and grey paint and color washed the stone.
I then applied the same grey color that is on the ceiling to all of the grout joints. This color combination actually looks more authentic and similar to limestone.
The niche where my  tree sat still has to be sanded down, but for now the old window does wonders to conceal and reminders of my "commitment" and my lemons.

For More of My Home tour click here

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Super Simple Cake Plate

May 18, 2012

Remember back at Easter time  I mentioned to you here that my sister did not have a cake plate? Well, I decided to do what sisters do and make her one.

The process started at the local thrift store where I  picked up this white plate and candle stick.

It felt like pay day when I saw that the candle holder from Anthropologie, cost me $1.50 and the plate was marked down to 25.


I used some E6000 adhesive (found at your local hardware store), between the bottom of the plate and the top of the candle holder.

Make sure to level the holder onto the plate so it is even...sister does not want wonky cake plate. and let it set overnight to dry.


Next day....... sister has a cake plate!


How super simple is this.....and it looked amazing on her table.

Have a great weekend. 

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Thank You- Wonderful Teachers!

May 16, 2012

I just think the world of the wonderful teachers that my children have been blessed to have this year. Each has had an enormous amount of love and patience for my children and as a mom I certainly can't thank them enough. 

With just a few days left of school and my oldest graduating... kindergarten,  I am sending the kids off today with an end of the year gift for each of their teachers. 

I thought the teachers might look a little more stylish bringing this bag to schoo. This bag is also perfect to use for the beach, spa, school or shopping. 

I got these bags at Hobby Lobby...for next to nothing with the 50% coupon. I decided to personalize each of the bags with the teachers initial. I did this two ways. With some, I used iron on fabric (M) and on others I stenciled fabric paint (C).

 I couldn't find a bag big enough for my thanks and appreciation so I hope they will enjoy this one........

and leave the big old canvas one at home!

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