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Just a Few Black Spiders and Some Bats

October 30, 2012

Yes, that about sums up the extent of my Halloween decorating in this house.
And that's courtesy really of my little one who asked me the other day " Mommy where's the Pumpkin Decorations".
And it wasn't just once, it was several times over several days ( you know how that goes). So I ran out and picked up a few things that would get them excited and would help me qualify to earn my Halloween decorating badge.
I have never been a big Halloween person, which is probably a good thing cause I would raid my kids buckets of all the chocolate. Not living in a subdivision helps to support not making it such a huge deal around here.
We attended a "Trunk or Treat" over the weekend and are hitting a friends Halloween party on Wednesday, then I will come home and pack up the spiders till next year, that's if the Bat's don't eat them by then!
One thing is for sure, my little Pumpkins sure are cute!
Enjoy the day and night and be safe!

Magazines or Sheet Music?

October 29, 2012

I brought this thrifty find home the other day, but I am clearly in a state of confusion. 
Not because of how pretty it looks once I cleaned it up and 
painted it
or that it's a perfect size as an accent piece and easy to move around the room
But this, this is what's got me stumped
 I don't know if  it was intended to hold my magazines or to hold sheet music. I feel guilty sitting there in that chair reading Southern Living when I think I should be standing up playing the flute.
Or perhaps it's a pulpit for a really short preacher. 
Maybe I should be at church!
 What do you think- Magazines, Sheet Music or Pulpit?

At The Picket Fence

"Rev Up" an Ordinary Cork Board

October 26, 2012

My little guy just loves his cars and trucks so I was thrilled to turn an ordinary bulletin board in his room, into a "corky"car lot!

The project started off with a bulletin board and a coat of red spray paint. I got the idea to paint the cork board from this tutorial I saw here.  
Next, I added his initial with a sharpie paint marker
To add some 3 dimensional interest I took a few of his cars and added a small wooded circle on the bottom of each car with a thumb tack glued to it
Now he will see his notes and the rules in a whole different way.
Which is just fine with this mama!
Next week( if I can get the cars moved out of the way) I will give you a tour of his Car Themed Bedroom.
Have a great weekend !

PS- Better do something fun this weekend or the fun police will be after you! 

Tatertots and Jello
Too Much Time on My Hands
Funky Junk Interiors

My Southern Fall Porch

October 24, 2012

Fall is my most favorite time of the year, Seeing the abundance of color on the trees and feeling a chill in the air. I love the faint smell of campfires in the distance and stepping back into your favorite warm-ups after months of summer weather. 
Notice I did'nt say jeans! Afraid of that moment. Really Afraid!
During this time of the year we are outside 88.5% of the time. The other 11.5% we are either eating here or sleeping here.

We talk local high school football, what we are growing in the garden next year and the buzz about a new Walmart coming to the next town over.
I reckon thats why we moved out to the country, to escape the retail giants, even though the closest grocery store is only 32 miles down the road.
Imagine that, it's closer to gather some dried corn stalks then it is to get a gallon of milk.
We Southerners trade the traditional sweet tea for our favorite Fall Spirits and we sit wee into the night just chatting non-stop.
Heck, we don't have to travel far for an assortment of pumpkins picked right out of the neighbors garden
The cedar wood pedestals can be cut on any given day, except Sundays, if you just give us a hollar
And those grapevine wreaths that you are buying up in the city, we got the vines in the backyard, just got to twist em up.
Yup, we like our fall but love our Southern porches more!
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How I faked the Boss Out with dessert!

October 22, 2012

Seriously. No joke. 
She thinks I was in the kitchen all day baking up a delicious dessert when she came for dinner the other night.
I mean look at this thing. Looks like a culinary piece of art! Gourmet style toffee cheesecake at it's finest, and I whipped it up with just a  few ingredients- but shhh, she won't have to know that!
It started with a plain cheesecake. Next I added some Marzetti Old Fashioned Caramel Dip on top
 then I sprinkled some Heath Toffee Bits on top of the cheesecake and a few on the plate
To make it look like I really knew how to bake something so decadent, I added a dollop of whipped cream to the top. At this point she probably thinks that I made the whipped cream too!

From the look of her plate, I would say it was equal parts perfection and....
maybe even a little job security for my husband!

Fall in Love With Spray Paint Winners

October 19, 2012

The party was great but the inspiration greater! There's no stopping some of you especially with a can of spray paint in your hand.  Instead of BYOB it's now BYOSP aka- bring your own Spray Paint.
Like Simplicity in the South's Magnetic Chalkboard. Her finishing technique on the frame was brilliant.
or Greylane Home's outdoor bench in a Leather Brown finish
Nothing was stopping The Vintage Nest, her Dual Paint and pumpkin
and Housepitality Designs lovely wicker table, without the paint lines on the beautifully manicured lawn.
They partied so hard that they are all going home with Krylon's Goodie bag as being the winners selected by Krylon!

My favorite party animal who unfortunately isn't going home with a goodie bag but is going home with some awesome party memories was Pineapple Hill Interiors  who knocks it out with these windows turned mirrors.

Thanks to everyone who came over and submitted something to the party. It was fun! Be sure to check out my pals favorite party animals here,here and here and the original party spot here.
PS- Winners will be contacted for mailing details so that we can get these prizes to you.

PPS. I have been compensated by Krylon for this post…..but my opinions about spray paint and how you can't party without it are just my own.

My lunch hour makeover

October 17, 2012

I should have been making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, but instead I was painting my mantel
I should have been eating my doritos but instead I was distressing over two coats of Old White Chalk paint
I should have been eating my fruit instead of admiring how beautiful the mantel turned out
I should have showed you what it looked like before I started
I should show you how it looks all dressed up for fall
For Christmas time
And for Winter time

 I should have that sandwich now