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Wake Up New Years Day To This!

December 31, 2012

I am not sharing the best mocktail, cocktail or New Years Eve appetizer recipe today. 
I am sharing breakfast for tomorrow.
So in between putting the holiday decorations away, reading the last issue of People Magazine for the year and putting your hair in curlers for tonight's big event, go to the grocery store and buy some Nutella, so you can make this tomorrow morning.

Sitting around the table talking about your 2013 goals just won't be the same if you are not eating stuffed french toast with a spread of Nutella in the middle- really it won't!
And whether you accomplished all of your 2012 goals and projects or not, go ahead and pour yourself a mimosa and toast to a wonderful year and an even better year ahead! You deserve it!
You can work it off tomorrow! I mean, don't we all have more exercise on our resolution list anyways?
Happy New Year! My very best to you for a wonderful healthy and prosperous year ahead.

PS- Using 'Texas toast' instead of normal sandwich bread, takes your french toast to another level!

Grateful for~
The new pair of running shoes that I got so I can take a run after breakfast to work the french toast off!
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The Journey of 2012

December 29, 2012

What a year! 
I have enjoyed this journey of 2012- Immensely!
I have appreciated the support you have provided by taking the time to visit me, chat with me and laugh with me and for letting me 
inspire you through my projects, thoughts and ideas. 

Here's a snapshot of what 2012  looked like here at 
Top This Top That

 Furniture Makeovers

Room Makeovers
1) Game Room 2) Media Room 3) Guest Bath

Outdoor Projects
1) Adirondack redo 2) refurbish your old chaise lounge 3) stone steps 4) mailbox makeover 5) mosaic birdbath

DIY  Projects
1) PB inspired pails 2) cork/chalk board 3) hopscotch 4) easy curtain panels 5) stenciling a bookcase

I hope you will enjoy visiting or re-visiting any of these projects from the year or for a complete list of my projects
 you can click here.

 I look forward to ringing in the New Year with you and having you along for the ride as I continue to 'dabble" at whatever
 comes my our way.

Grateful for~
The chance to write this blog and meet so many creative and inspiring people. 

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New Years Is At The Door

December 28, 2012

This year my front doors will be getting more dressed up for the big night then I will.......

all gussied up in vibrant pinks, silver and sequins. 
Me- jammies, footies and a pony tail.

There will be no mistaken identity when they show up to the party with their scrolly monogram initial covered in metallic paint. 
These babies are going all out!! 
And when it's time to make a toast, the champagne glass is
 ready to go.
 I on the other hand, will be sipping hot tea and honey with 
Vicks Vapor Rub between my toes.
 But that's okay, 
Just looking at them makes me feel all fuzzy,festive and better. 
And since I won't be ringing in the New Year at any other place then my couch with my hubby, I will keep them up for a few weeks and probably feel the need to count down every time I see my doors!
Happy New Year!
Hope you are having a great week.

Grateful for~
The wonderful year that I have had, despite getting sick the last week of the year!

New Years Arrangements and the 'Stare Down'

December 27, 2012

I look out the window and not much of anything is blooming right now, except for my Camellia bushes. Yesterday I decided to cut a few and scatter them throughout the house.

For a festive look that didn't scream Christmas and more like New Years, I added the stems to a few mercury glass candle holders that I got at Garden Ridge Pottery for next to nothing, and placed them on top of a mirror with a few glass balls sprinkled around.
For an extra touch of whimsy I added these silver curly sticks ( I have no idea what you call them) that I got in the dried floral section of Hobby Lobby.
I love seeing the pops of pink especially with all of this dreary, rainy, cold weather we have been having. 
I know it's a winter bloom, but it just screams Spring to me.... 
but not so fast. 
I look in the other room and not only is the Christmas tree staring at me ready to come down, but also the dog and the new pony are in a stare down of their own. 

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day.

Grateful for~
wonderful 2 weeks with my mom

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2012

The Greatest Truth of Christmas is that the gift has already been given to you.

Many Holiday Blessings,
The Top This Top That Family

My Christmas Kitchen

December 24, 2012

All week I have wanted to share my Christmas kitchen with you, but I was a bit reluctant, a tad bit nervous. See I didn't want to seem insensitive, uncaring or cruel .
Not because of the fresh Rosemary on my clean counters, the smell of my Yankee candle or that I  finally have a clean sink cause I just loaded the dishes into the dishwasher. The truth is, it was this.....
Do you see that?  My holiday blooper. My red painted letters for the season. I know you are thinking that it says one thing, but the real word is EAT ( bad camera angle), which is what we do in our kitchen, over here
This is our most favorite time to eat at the table because we get the best view of the tree, day or night .
A wonderful time to count our blessings for all of the other many gifts in our lives, pray for peace and prosperity and to laugh off our holiday bloopers.
We have a lot to be thankful for. And as you sit down with your family and loved ones this Christmas, go ahead count your blessings and laugh off your holiday bloopers too!
Merry Christmas.

To see my 2013 Christmas Kitchen click here and home tour here

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The Making of Christmas Memories

December 21, 2012

Christmas Eve candle-lite service, caroling, hot chocolate, reading the Christmas story 
from the bible and the smell of a fresh cut pine tree
 Elf on the shelf, Wisemen and Angels in the Christmas play at church, singing your hearts out at the school holiday concert and displaying the only stocking you had since you were a child
Sprinkling reindeer food on the front lawn Christmas Eve, Christmas lights outside, leaving cookies and milk out for Santa and gingerbread houses that always fall down
Ringing of the bells on Christmas morning to celebrate our Saviors birth, getting up at the crack of dawn to peek under the tree, mommy kissing Santa Claus ( but I won't tell), evergreens
 on the decorated mantle
School parties, teacher gifts, homemade ornaments, the 
dreaded family picture and letters to Santa to let him know that 
I have been good all year
Giving our favorite toys to a child in need, paying it forward, feeling a tremendous amount of love and joy in the house and helping mom decorate the Christmas Tree
 This is what makes the Christmas season celebration so alive and special in our home. 
Whatever the traditions, he is the reason we celebrate.
From my family to yours, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Holiday Home Tour

It's been a joy sharing the different areas in my home and my holiday projects over the last month so today I thought I would throw it all together and give you a tour. 
If you came over in person I probably would be more chatty then I will be today ( you know how us Southern gals are), so I'll be quiet as you get a glimpse of the holiday magic that I have created inside and outside of my home.
So come in, grab some treats in the kitchen and don't forget to turn the lights off when you leave!

The Front Entrance
See more here

Outdoor Holiday Lights

 See more here.

 Entry Way

See more here.

Dining Room

 See more here.

Living Room

 See more here.

Keeping Room aka The Mom Zone

 Kids Den

 Family Room

Other than some last minute wrapping today, I am finished. 
How about you?
To see my 2013 Holiday Home click here.

Grateful for~
My twins being brave enough to be in the Christmas play at church.

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