by laura janning

Be Happier Starting Today!

January 2, 2013

Definition of happiness- 
1.delighted, pleased or glad as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person 
2. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy.
I don't know many people who don't want to be happy, do you? Even though we are all on our own pursuit of happiness and figuring out what makes us happy, we can probably all agree, that happy just feels good. 
 Assuming you are already happy, what if I shared two ways for you to get "happier" this year. Would you be happy?  
If you are not currently happy,  just keep on looking at the first image. After a few seconds see if you are happy, if not, keep looking at the image until you are.

The first way-
A Gratitude List
Starting the minute you finish reading this and every day there after, take out a sheet of paper and write out a Gratitude list.
Look around you, look at what you have, look at the people in your life. 
Each day write out at least 3 things that you are grateful for. Studies have shown people who express gratitude on a daily basis are generally happier people.

The second tip-
Tell someone that you like them or love them.
Did you know that creating happiness for others doesn't have to cost money or have to involve material items. Sometimes just hearing " I like You" or " I love you"  creates happiness for both the receiver as well as the messenger, particularly when it is unexpected.
Two ways that I hope will make you a happier person today.
Okay, so are you ready to be happier this year?
She is!
PS-  I love you!
Grateful for~
The chance to see my husbands family from Dallas yesterday.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    You are right about looking at that precious little face smiling. You have got to smile yourself. I enjoyed your post and maybe Jane and I will see you at Haven. Happy New Year.

  2. So true and yes, I have tons to be thankful for. Sometimes we need a little reminder.

  3. Great post Laura and a great way to start the New Year! What a cutie!!

  4. Love these ideas Laura! My mom would constantly tell us as children, "Choose to be happy". It drove me nuts but she was so right. It's a choice to focus on the positive and give more love to others. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hey Laura,
    I really like you and I'm grateful that I've met you in person! Looking forward to seeing you again at Haven. And who could not smile at seeing your little one's gorgeous smile?

  6. Love that picture:) I'm resolving to try to comment more this year, which may or may not make "me" happier, but it should make everyone else happier, for sure:)

    Grateful that no one was sick over our vacation, just sick once we got back home!


  7. how cute!!!! i feel that happy most of the time, except when i am not. ;)

  8. What an adorable and sweet little face! Love redheads!

    We always have a choice. And I choose gratefulness and thanksgiving; they're great joy-bringers! Great post!

  9. What an adorable little face. Who wouldn't be happy looking at that. I am filling my gratitude jar up.
    P.S. I love you, too.

  10. Laura...love, love this...how can you not be happy when looking at such a face full of joy....Hey, I just wrote about being grateful for piles of laundry....so I am on my way to my gratitude list!!...We all have so much to be grateful for...so many blessings to count every day!!

  11. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude truly is a huge source of happiness and inner joy! Love this post!

  12. What awesome suggestions. I have been wanting to start a gratitude list for a while now and I think I will start tonight. If you haven't already, I would love for you to share this at my Winter Blues Wednesday party going on right now. I would love for more people to get to read this. Hope to see you there.

  13. Great post!! :). What a cutie :). Made me smile of course.

  14. I absolutely like you ... and love, love that picture of your daughter. It makes me happy!

    :) Linda

  15. How cute is she? Great post, Laura ~ I started my list of 1000 Gifts (a la Ann Voskamp) two years ago... it's a daily practice and I just listed #5489 thru #5497 this morning. One of the best things I've ever done. :)
    xo Heidi

  16. Hi Laura, I've been keeping a gratitude journal and I find myself looking for things to be grateful for ... always a good thing! Thanks for the great blog and Happy New Year!

  17. You're Blessed and You're Happy.
    And by knowing this, and knowing that it will affect your posts in one of my favorite Blogs makes me Happy.
    The Blessing in tails, button nose and can-I--go-play-now-? expression did the rest ahahah

    Thank you for sharing your Gifts and Family! And your Blessings... by seing one tends to believe it's possible and whitout noticing is already halfway there.


  18. I love this post! And I agree! We all need a gratitude list and a reminder of why we should count our blessings! Awesome post!


  19. What a sweetie! And yes, I am happy!!! Great ideas... let me tell you today that I really like you. You have a beautiful spirit!!!

  20. Oh she is so adorable! This is a really great post. There is always so much to be grateful for!!

  21. She's adorable! Happy new year!!

  22. What a cutie! I am a happy girl and I do keep a gratitude list...it does keep me from getting down! And I do like you and your blog. Reading it makes me happy as well as inspired! Thank you!

  23. Is that your daughter? She is SO cute! How could anyone not be cheered up by looking at her?!

  24. What a great post! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  25. I agree with all of your tips! I have learned to be grateful for what I have. That makes a huge difference. Sometimes, we keep thinking that "the next thing" will make us happy, but if we look around, there is plenty of be happy about. We shouldn't always look for it when it's staring right at us!

  26. Hi Laura, a grateful heart makes a beautiful person. Nice reminders! Thanks so much for stopping over at Quirky Vistas earlier and leaving me your sweet comment. How exciting to be a featured "Wow!" Love it. Thank you so much for doing that. I sure appreciate it.

  27. What a wonderful post, Laura. It's always nice to be reminded of all that we have to be thankful for.

  28. I love this post and will be featuring you tonight at my Winter Blues Wednesday party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.


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