by laura janning

How Do I Love Thee

January 28, 2013

Oh Burlap Heart, Oh Burlap Heart, How do I love thee..... 
Let me count  say just some of thy ways.
Je taime
Wo ai ni
Ti amo
         Maim tumase pyara karata hum

Ich liebe dich
 Te Amo
  Ja tebya ljublju

But for me there's only one way to express my unending adoration and
devotion to you .....
I love you!
Oh My Burlap Heart, as much as I love thee, this may be the last time I get all fancy and take pictures on thy tree, that gave me thy Poison Ivy!! I do hope you understand.
You can click here for the Burlap Heart Wreath tutorial.

PS- If I stop itching long enough I will be back this week to share the tutorial on how to make the wreath.
PPS- In case you are wondering Translations in order: German, Spanish, Russian,French, Chinese, Italian,Hindi,English

Grateful for~
Cortaid and Benydral to help stop the itching

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  1. I love that wreath! And look at you talkin all fancy! You did cut that vine off at the base of the tree, spray the cut end with Tordon and pull it down...right?

  2. That is cute and just stop scratching!

  3. LOL cute post except for the part of you getting poison ivy)!!
    Love the wreath!

  4. The wreath is adorable - but so sorry about the poison ivy! What we won't do for a good pic for our blogs!

  5. Love the wreath....what you had to go through to get that gorgeous pic!!...Hope the poison ivy is under control...especially behind your ears!!!

  6. All in the name of blog dedication! Love the wreath. And I'll be pinning and FB sharing -- all in the name of poison ivy!

    :) me

  7. Yup, you did it again. You are the burlap wreath queen! Take care, Laura

  8. great wreath! but even better post- I'm sorry that you are itchy, but that last part CRACKED ME UP!!! Oh, our battle wounds in the war for picture perfection! :) Love your blog...

  9. I mean't to do a burlap heart last year. I better get on it. Very cute.

  10. Girl, you are the QUEEN of the burlap wreath. This is darling!!

  11. Great heart- bad poison ivy!!!! How awful-the itch is almost unbearable! xo Diana

  12. Oooo, love this! sorry about the poison ivy -- the things we do for the beauty shots!
    xo Heidi

  13. What the heck were you crafting out in the back forty thickets?


  14. Oh no ... hope the itching stops! And, je taime your beautiful burlap wreath ... you are the burlap wreath queen! Look forward to your tutorial.

  15. oh Laura, that is funny..well not for you..
    I was just looking at your original wreath tonight and wondering why you didn't have a Valentine version. I guess you heard me. I'm still planning to make one!

  16. Oh my goodness what a fabulous wreath!! I love this! Hopping you feel better from the poison ivy. NO fun at all!

  17. Love Love Burlap as well and Love your wreath. I actually make the burlap bubble wreaths as gifts. Sorry you got poison ivy tho. Thats not good!
    Came to you via a linky party and am now following!

  18. How cute is this. I love the heart and the arrow, perfect. Hugs, Marty

  19. you ARE the QUEEN of the Burlap Wreath my friend!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You amaze me always! ps...let me know when you are ready : ) sending hugs and love your way!!!


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