by laura janning

The Easiest Burlap Heart Tutorial

January 30, 2013

Love is patient...and not always so kind... 
especially when you pull
 on that darn vine.

The poison vine that is... the one called Poison Oak. 
Even pretty little burlap hearts with red arrows can't defend against it and all it's itchy, irritable side affects. 
If you are wondering what in the world I am talking about... I pulled off a vine on this tree while trying to capture some pictures that contained poison oak.

A plastic heart shape with red tinsely garland- got mine at hobby lobby
Ribbon garland- I used a 10 foot roll

Step 1- Remove the red stuff from the heart and put away and save for another project that requires glitz and glamour
Step 2 - For this project I cut my burlap garland in long strips so it was easier to work with. Take one end and begin weaving in between the the plastic frame.
Step 3- As you pull through your burlap leave a little at the end and don't pull tight or pull all the way through. This is how your burlap will stay in place. Although I have never secured it onto the frame with anything, you probably could use a twisty tie or a piece of wire to secure your end.
Step 4: Continue weaving the loops around the frame. Your pattern should be the outer edge, middle and inner edge and repeat going back and forth. Your loops should be the same size. You will fluff and move around your burlap when you are finished.
Step 5: When you are done , take your scissors and cut off and long pieces from the back and any stray strings from the front. Fluff out and move the burlap around so that the plastic heart frame is not showing. To hang, I put some jute string through the hole and tied. 

The things we do for love... the things we do for love.
PS- for more instructions on how to make the wreath, not how to get poison oak, you can click here.

Grateful for~
My little cub getting his Bobcat badge last night.

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  1. I have never been a fan of those tinsely, sparkly, heart wreaths, and I have never once thought about the form underneath! Guess that's why you're the genius! (And a poet...nice job on that!) Love the burlap wreath and the tute! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Very sweet Laura! I truly think you are the burlap wreath queen. I always wind up pinning yours and have gotten to know your style:) Which I love. Have a great day.

  3. You make me feel like singing, so how about....
    "You're gonna need an oceannnn-a, dat da da da da,
    of calamine-a loootionnnn, dat da da da da".


  4. Thanks for showing us how to make that beautiful wreath...yes, the price you pay for love and blogging!!!...and i can say that I really like the heart shape from in it's original form too!!!

  5. I hope you are ok, poison oak is no fun!! But, this looks fabulous and you are rocking the burlap :) Pinning!

    xo, Tanya

  6. Use the extra burlap to apply the ointment to your poison oak!

    Use the glitzy red to make yourself a nice skirt to wear on V-day!


  7. Laura...I was thinking of you when I was walking through our woods this morning..thinking I needed to tell you to remember this.."Leaves of 3..let me be." I'm sure you know that now anyway!

  8. It's common not to know that poison plants aren't dormant in the winter when their leaves fall off... And the only reason I DO know is because my husband is an arborist and is EXTREMELY allergic. Just brushing up against it causes him to head to the doctor's office for a shot. Hope you stop itching soon! Love the wreath!

    ~ Laura

  9. LOVE the after wreath!! Gorgeous. And I love the display in the tree, although, I hope you didn't get poison oak! Take care ;)

  10. I would like to know where you got the polka dotted burlap? Or did you put the dots on?


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