by laura janning

Home Office Journey

February 26, 2013

There is always that one project where the vision is so crystal clear, the planning is so thought out and the timeline to complete seems so attainable.........
But not this one.

This project started 365 days ago and just finished for all the wrong right reasons.
First....... it started with my indecisiveness with the wall color. After 150 Grays and 200 blues a decision was made. 

Then .....  I lost some time because these built-in's that I stenciled here I ended up painting over after I discovered that it just wasn't the look that I was after.
Note to self: Next time you are going to stencil , apply your stencil to a scrap piece of wood or drywall and then determine if you like it. This will save a lot of time and effort.

Next...... I added some additional time and another project to the list when I decided to paint the desk using the same color that I used with this piece here . I am happy to say though - no regrets with that decision either!

Then...... I  not only ordered the wrong size rug but didn't like it for my office when I put it on the floor. The rug below was from Rugs.Com.

I tried a few ( well 4 to be exact) drapery choices along the way and it wasn't until the 4th choice that I was happy with how they looked in my space. FYI- This was number 2 from Target. 

 I even thought I would try to create a cover for my chair but 
quickly realized that this simply was not my forte, and probably never will be.

And when I finally landed on what I 'thought' was going to be the accent color..... I  created some simple art work for the walls here . Luckily, I ended up repurposing the frame for another project.

Needless to say, that although my original vision did not exactly come to fruition, the look I got is even better then I had planned and is finally finished. Click here to see the office.
 So it's only fitting that after 365 days, 5 hours, 20 mins and 11 seconds of starting the project, that I share the room. 

Curious- do you have any of these 365 day projects?

PS- Until then, I promise I won't make any changes.

Grateful for~
A finished project!

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  1. it looks beautiful! what a difference having the desk painte!

  2. I love everything I see, Laura. :) We have lots of 365 projects around our house.

  3. I love what you're doing. It looks like a fun project! I also loved your cabana. Great job!

  4. Oooh, you're being a big ole tease, Laura! Can't wait for the reveal. I can tell it's going to be awesome!

  5. Laura...it looks wonderful so far.....believe me...you are not the only one with 365 days of decorating paralysis...try 365 x 8...!...Can't wait for the full reveal...as the sneak peeks are awesome!!

  6. I'm kind of laughing about the way you've changed directions. That's part of the process but doesn't it drive you crazy? It does me. :)

  7. OMG that desk is fabulous!!! and I have 365 x multiples projects on my hands... :)

    The room is looking good.

    Have a great day!!!

  8. Well, all those choices looked great to me, but I am sure the reveal will be fabulous. I will hold my breath so don't wait too long!

  9. Laura, What color/brand paint did you use on the walls, and what color/brand on the desk? Is it ASCP? Everything looks amazing!

  10. I am TOTALLY on the same page as you- my office was in constant flux for about a year and a half before I got it "right"... meaning maybe I won't change it for at least a few months. Some rooms just do not look the same out loud as they do in your head! Thank goodness for spray paint :)

  11. It looks gorgeous! Can't wait for the reveal. Our living and dining rooms seem to be a perpetual project. Sometimes I catch myself starting something new before I even finish what I had planned before! So yes, I know what you mean :)

  12. Love this!! How beautiful! Love the curtains, I think I'll have to check those out. I have been looking for something just like those! Thanks for sharing. You should be proud!

  13. 365 days? I have one so far over that I can't do the math to tell you. Lets just say if I wait any longer to complete it my son will have aged two full years.

    Looking forward to the reveal, I think I'm gonna like it.


  14. So pretty! I love the curtains from Target. I wish they came in green. And yes, most of my projects seem to go on forever. I'm working on 2 rooms at once now. I can't wait to see the reveal!

  15. Girl I sooo hear you! I think you will be happy that you spent so much time on it and finally got what you truly wanted.


  16. I totally understand! I have been known to take forever on my projects! Just yesterday, I posted a plan for my office too so I was excited to see yours! Just beautiful! I love the desk. White furniture looks so nice in a feminine office!

  17. Great suggestion about stenciling on a piece of scrap wood first, very good idea! Your office is absolutely gorgeous Laura, I love the colors so much :)

    xo, Tanya

  18. So far, it looks beautiful! And I'm having similar issues with my master bedroom. That's why I'm ignoring it and have moved on to other rooms ....

    Can't wait for the reveal!

    :) Linda

  19. Looking forward to the full details! We built our house and today is 5 yrs since we got our certificate of occupancy, and it's still very much a work in progress. Not one room is complete the way your office is. Congratulations on the accomplishment! From what you've shown, it's a beautiful success.

  20. Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest!

  21. I think we've all been there before, sometimes you just have to continue to tweak until you get it just right. Looks like you ended up with all the right choices as the room looks beautiful.

  22. oh my, I'm worn out just reading that. I love that desk. Can't wait to see it all. Funny, all that work and all those hours and it shows just like an HGTV program...from start to finish, just like it was nothing to it!

  23. I must confess, practically all my rooms are 365+ day projects. Blues and greys are really hard for me to pick. I have done two blue rooms. Both beautiful colors. Neither one of them ended up being the look I wanted. One of them I gave up and painted over with a whole new color scheme. The other one I just live with. So I get the hard to decide on a color thing. The room is going to be lovely.

  24. Ha! 365 days? Try 1095 days....still can't decide on what I'm doing in my Master Bedroom!

    Can't wait to see your beauty!

  25. OMG right now I have a million unfinished projects! I love your drapes in the after pic!

  26. I've got a chair I've started and stopped recovering 4 times! I'm sure if the chair could walk, it would just walk right out the door and go sit beside a dumpster somewhere!
    I am intrigued by the sneak peaks!

  27. High Five on getting it complete. I know about visions gone wrong then back to right I just posted that very topic on my blog. I to am working on my office so I knowwwwww what you mean! cant wait to see your reveal.

  28. Can't WAIT for the AWESOMENESS!!!! hugs...

  29. Love how the desk looks. What paint did you use? It looks lovely, what a difference paint can make.
    I understand the changes of paint on walls. I have gone thru that and Hubby just rolls his eyes, they don't see the nuances that we do.
    Great job.

  30. Taking your time with this really DID create an amazing work space - well done, looks EXCELLENT.

    As for projects? How about ten years, haha.

  31. Laura, you sound just like me. I have so many rooms almost finished & the changing of wall colors, yup me too:). I think that is how our (creative)minds work, at least that is what I tell myself, that it is completely normal:).It looks beautiful, I love the lighting & the drapes! Have a great day, Jen

  32. Can you tell me about your paint color? Brand and color??? I love it!

  33. I loveeeeeee the office! I love the color! Projects never end how I originally envisioned either!

  34. FYI I added you to my reader!

  35. The office looks amazing. Love the colors you picked out as well.



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