by laura janning

My Home Office and Some Marriage Advice

February 28, 2013

Do you realize that this office took me longer to complete then a handful of celebrity marriages?

Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries .....72 days
Pam Anderson to Kid Rock....122 days
Renee Zellweger to Kenny Chesney....225 days
Carmen Electra to Dennis Rodman...9 days
and Brittany Spears to Jason Alexander...55 hours
Time to complete this office 365 days, 20 hours and 11 seconds.
To see where the marriage of the office started click here
 I am truly sorry that these "harmonious and "loving" relationships didn't stand the test of time like we all thought they would, but perhaps a bit more planning and thought like I put into this office makeover would have created more lasting and beautiful results for them.....I am just sayin!
And just by chance that any of them are reading my blog today,
 I would offer this advice to them.
 Maybe next time before you rush into anything as big as marriage, you will sit down on this chair that I got at World Market, in front of my lap top and Google "The Five Love Languages" or "Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus" and read 
them on my reader ....
in it's entirety.
 I believe it may offer you some help for the next round.
And if it gets late and turns dark before you are done you can turn this neat hanging pendant on that I got at Lowe's to light things up for you. Please feel free to close the curtains that I made behind the desk with a fabric by Waverly called Silver Lining,  particularly if the sun puts a glare on the computer screen. 

I'm sure some of my own books on love and relationships on the shelf or pictures on the wall of my own happy, loving union just may inspire you as well, particular my wedding picture right behind the desk.

In fact if you happen to see my husband while you are in my office, he will tell you that I am the best thing that has every happened to him...and him to me! 
Because really, and I truly mean this from the bottom of
 my heart.........
 I want your next union to last for a lifetime or at least a lot longer then the 365 days that it took to finish this office.
All my best to the above mentioned celebrities and to you!

PS- Someone should tell Kim that she needs to get a divorce from Kris before she marries Kanye.
PPS- You can see my office  journey here.
Grateful for~
A loving, lasting marriage .

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  1. Well I must live under a rock because I didn't know Brittany Spears was ever married to Jason Alexander. Hmmm...and that didnt' last? This was a fun post to read and the pictures so lovely. I think your finished space is inspiring! I'm kind of drooling over that rug under your desk and wondering where you purchased it. Also, I want a more comfortable chair and yours looks wonderful! We are so lucky to have great husbands who take marriage very seriously.

  2. You did a wonderful job! I WANT your office! I would marry you if you could come and make ME an office like that!;>) Speaking of marriage you are going to get a kick out of my post today about marriage counseling...true story! xo Diana

  3. The hard work and the 365 days were worth it because your office if beautiful!!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  4. Oh Laura...your office is gorgeous...worth the wait of 365 days, 20 hours, and 11 seconds...for it's like fine wine..and i love the wedding picture in your office...you must smile every time you see it...I love a great love story...and your office was made with love in a house filled with love!

  5. WOW it turned out Beautiful......well worth the wait Laura Good job!

  6. Great office! It's really pretty and hopefully it is all that you want now. At least for 365 days. :)

  7. Laura, you crack me up! Your home office looks fabulous - like it came out of a magazine! I love your fabric choice for the curtains. The pendant light is perfect above your painted desk.

  8. LOVE your office, Laura, and the way that you told the story! For anyone who hasn't read them - both of those books are wonderful.

  9. Your office turned out beautifully! Sometimes it takes time to get things just right! And yes, I totally am with you on the Kim/Kanye thing!!! You are too funny!

  10. Well worth the long wait. Fabulous office. Now you should add a sign on the door marriage counseling hours are:

  11. Kim's name is MUD here in Minnesota for what she did to our home boy. But what you did to your home office? My home office wants to marry it.


  12. It may have taken you a while but it was SO worth. Absolutely gorgeous!

    PS- So agree with on the Kim divorce and Kanye thing ;)

  13. There's no comparing!!!

    At all!!!

    You're a Great Taste Person... would never go for the right "thing" without playing a bit with all the wrongs ;)

    How can you decide on a curtain pattern, in 3 minutes, on a beach or on a side street of Vegas?! Would you? No way.

    You really are a generous heart by sharing these tips. Yes, you are.

    Wait! Why is Kim crying? What? She says she liked your before-rug best and can't understand your insensitivity towards her very special and only-ones-to-be-followed tastes and trends. "Kanyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!! Get in here and calm the girl. Laura won't change that ;). Once she committs..."

    Great Post, Laura! I had to google half of these people but was worth it ahahahah

  14. Oh Laura! It's absolutely beautiful! And great advice too.

  15. Great post! Beautiful job, your patience payed off!

  16. This has given me so much inspiration! Right now my office is horrible. I want it to look like yours!!! I need bookshelves and curtains. But we just moved into this house in Oct. so I have a few months to get it together:) And, we have been married for 45 years!!!!!!!!!!!:):) XO, Pinky

  17. It's fabulous!! And you are hilarious!!

  18. Who would have ever thought that those marriages weren't made in heaven. Your office on the other hand is definitely heaven.

  19. love it! i love the color palette- so soft and pretty and a little glam, too!

  20. LOVED everything about this post Laura!! The gorgeous office and the hilarious/sadly true observations about celebrity marriages. Well done girl! :-)

  21. What a beautiful office! Gives me such inspiration! And I love your timeline to complete it LOL
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  22. Too funny! Your office looks fantastic, especially the gallery wall.

  23. It was worth the wait! All the love, time and commitment you put into it... the office is stunning. Simply gorgeous. Cheers on your happy union too! May you have many, many more years together :)

  24. So glad the office no longer needs to go online dating! She was getting a very bad reputation for herself. In fact, I think someone tweeted pics of her in Vegas!

  25. Simply stunning! And what a sweet husband you have there! My keeps saying, 'I can't believe I got to marry Linda Zurheide" ... too sweet!

    :) Linda

  26. Such a gentle looking space to create in! It's beautiful!

    You have inspired ME. Now I just need to go grab a sledge hammer and knock out a couple of walls!


  27. It's beautiful! Just lovely. Glad your journey is over and you can move on to something else...

  28. What a gorgeous office! (And I've been married 28-1/2 years. :-) )

  29. Well! I must say that your office was worth the wait. How pretty!

    Have a great weekend!

  30. Your office turned out amazing. Well worth the wait! Love the desk and the hanging pendant light. Your comparison to celebrity marriages is too funny!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pieced Pastimes

  31. Love this! Your office is amazing! And you are so right! Kim needs to get rid of that first husband before she gets another!


  32. Very funny your office is gorgeous. I love the desk. If you check out my blog today I have a very funny clip from John Cleese on Creativity. It will get you to work in your perfect office. He says it is all about seclusion.


  33. So so pretty! I love all the white, I wish I was that brave...how gorgeous for your private office though...I am just about to tackle my family room, I'm sure it will take a least 365! Fun post, thanks!

  34. Cute post! And your office looks great...well worth the wait I'm sure.
    Mary Alice

  35. This room is beautiful! I wish I could make my craft room look this peaceful!

  36. Your office is beautiful ~ I'm not sure I'd ever want to leave!


  37. Totally forgot Pam Anderson married Kidd Rock :) Your office turned out great! Thanks for linking up.

  38. Such a beautiful office!! Completely worth the wait!! Ha I loved that you compared it to celebrity marriages!!


  39. Visiting from Marty's blog where you were a guest.
    She was smart having you over there - love your home office - and your awesome blog.

    Bless you for loving your marriage! A good marriage is a gift from God, that's for sure.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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