by laura janning

My Version of a Healthy Trifle

February 12, 2013

Please don't laugh , but I always assume that if dessert has fruit in it, it's healthy...... right?

Just like this one.....

And it's extra good for you if you combine at least 2 of the key food groups.... in this case dairy and fruit.

So in reality the only "unhealthy" ingredient in this trifle are the brownies that I cut up and layered on the bottom of my dish?

And topped with fresh strawberries that I mixed with a bit of Splenda and a little water.

And then added a ' kinda sorta I want to believe it's healthy' whipped cream that I made with heavy whipping cream ( 2 cups) and some powdered sugar ( 1 cup or to desired thickness) on top.

And to promote more good healthy eating, I added another layer on top and garnished with more strawberries.

Go ahead. Tell me that doesn't look healthy.......

I will make a believer out of you too!

PS- Tell me, do you have the same assumption about fruit? 

Grateful for~
The ability to work out after I eat "healthy" desserts like this

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  1. Laura, a dish with fruit equates healthy in my book, too!

  2. ditto!!!! the addition of fruit changes the entire complexion of the dish ; ) i have the same feeling about veggies too!!! love this and it looks amazing! thanks for sharing this yummy idea with us..sending hugs...

  3. Laura, that is my kind of healthy!

  4. I think the new studies show the benefits of cocoa too, don't remember what it boosts, but as far as I'm concerned it should be a food group of its own anyway.


  5. Yep!!...definitely healthy...chocolate...strawberries, and dairy for protein...and it is one gorgeous dessert!

  6. And you're not so far off - adition of fruit making it healthy, or more healthy... or less non-healthy ;).

    But you didn't need in this case - all good stuff: chocolate is good for your heart, diary is good for your bones, enough sugar to prevent the cravings... yep, HEALTHY!

    An amazing looking dessert or treat. Happy inducing! See? Happy=Healthy :P

    Thank you for sharing,

  7. I say we just go with it and agree that it is healthy! It looks very pretty and yummy!

  8. Oh my goodness that looks amazing! I would say it's healthy, but the scale would not .... sigh.

  9. Looks healthy to me. Isn't chocolate a vegetable?

  10. It looks healthy and delicious!

  11. Health may not be the first word that comes to mind..but yum sure is! Looks delicious!

  12. Healthy schmelthy! Would be amazing after a steak and margarita!

  13. Whatever it is, it's delicious!!! Ha! I love your thinking with adding brownies to this trifles instead of the usual pound cake. Chocolate makes everything happier! :)

  14. Looks plenty healthy to me!! I'm in! :-)
    xo Heidi

  15. This looks so good and easy/healthy to make.

  16. You have all the necessary food groups covered there...well...actually, you forgot the wine. If we have the wine and this lovely trifle, we are good to go. Looks yummy!

  17. Sounds like a healthy dessert to me! Looks so delicious. Megan


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