by laura janning

Canvas Art For The Family Room

March 6, 2013

Amongst the crumbs in between the couch cushions, chocolate milk stains on the rug, toys overflowing in the corner basket and all kinds of fuzzy stuffed animals taking up more space on the couch then me....
Love Lives Here

Despite the fact that I have not held the TV remote or watched an episode of Designers Challenge on HGTV since my kids were born,  my husbands idea of watching tv together is catching an episode of "Hows it Made",and lucky me because I know every little chugger train on Chuggington, that's really okay cause.......
Love Lives Here

 So to give me one more reason to smile when I walk into a room filled with so much laughter, joy and couch cushion crumbs, I made this wall art to symbolism who and what exactly lives here....
Love Lives Here

and suddenly the episode of "How's It Made" describing Hydrogen fuel cells doesn't seem so bad after all and I almost forget what HGTV is. 
Oh... and did you see the eposide on Composite Propane Cylinders...too cool.

PS- to make my "Love Lives Here" canvas art,  I simply traced my words with my Chipboard lettering ( that I got at Hobby Lobby) on a piece of canvas that I painted with a base coat and then handpainted the letters. I distressed my edges with a fine grit sandblock, wiped down and then sprayed with a clear acrylic finish.

Grateful for~
A house filled with so much love. 

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  1. That is cute. Now go clean up those crumbs.

  2. Oh..you can tell by the atmosphere of your beautiful home and the wonderful stories of your family, that "love lives there"!....Now, can't wait to see a project with those Composite Propane Cylinders!

  3. I love the art, Laura. I can totally relate to never controlling what is on tv anymore! Now I'm going to be singing the Chugginton song for the rest of the day. lol

  4. Love the bright pop of happy color, Laura! And what a great idea to trace around chipboard letters. Totally going to try that! Ummmm... What's a TV? ;)

  5. Crazy but - hands down - best time of our, and their, Life.
    And a second opportunity in being a child, a teen... again.
    love the color! love the idea! and absolutely love your description.

  6. It's beautiful, and I love your little story with it. I remember those days.
    Debbie :)

  7. Love this idea for some college theme rooms...thank you!

  8. Turned out excellent.

    Hey, this week I visited a crayon factory and watched a man hand make mouth harps all from the comfort of my bed.


  9. I think that's the best use of those chipboard letters I've seen. Great idea and now I have some ideas bouncing around in my head ... :)

  10. Wonderful reminder when the crumbs are taking over and the remote is far away :)

  11. Are you going to Haven this August? (I hope so.) I had such fun last time and enjoyed meeting you in person. I'm looking forward to going again this year.

  12. So cheerful! It is a good motto to live by.

  13. Yes,Laura. I do have a question(or two), as I WILL be making this, like right now...How big is the canvas? Why have I not heard of Chip Board Letters, and why it is better to trace and hand paint, then to paint said letters and affix them to the canvas? What size are those letters? and.....What is the name and brand of the paint you used, please?
    Thank you, :D
    Karen @ Fantastical Handcraftables


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