by laura janning

How The Egg Is A Part Of Our Community

March 12, 2013

Let me tell you, my husband and I had no idea how our opinions on eggs would change when we moved to a little ole dirt road in the middle of the country.

 Really... we didn't.
Neighbors, friends and the community all having  the same goal in mind... Eggs
And plenty of them. 
As far as the eye can see. Rows and rows of chicken houses filled with thousands and thousands of loyal occupants. So loyal, that they each lay between 250-300 eggs per year and never more then one egg a day, generally in the morning before you get up for that first cup of coffee.
 What once was a staple on our weekly grocery list when we lived in the city, can now be eliminated from our weekly shopping list. Not having to buy eggs, a benefit not realized till we moved to the country. 
Something else we realized is that the color of the feathers around the chickens head generally determines the color of the eggshell.

 And along with this abundance of eggs there is a downfall of having row after row of chicken houses, depending on which way the wind is blowing.
Yup, you always know when it's cleaning day at those houses. 
I always love to invite my city friends out to the country when that happens!
And despite this little stinky obstacle,  we sure do love our chickens!

PS- The moral of my post- don't judge an egg by it's color.
PPS- Thought you should know that May is National Egg Month! Let me know if you need some eggs.

Grateful for~
Abundance of eggs 


  1. That's really neat, Laura! I'm sure it's nice to get them fresh. megan

  2. I'm so jealous! I'm making my fiance come to an info session next week on raising backyard chickens... I'd love to build a coop at have a little flock :)

  3. There are lots of chicken houses in the part of the country where my hubby's family lives. It is a little stinky but provides a great living for lots of people. :)

  4. Well, I am not in the city and not that far from you, but still have to buy my eggs. I did not know that about the color of the feathers and eggs. My hubby knows all too well about working in chicken houses. He did that when he was a teen.

  5. This is a wonderful post! Also one that has such a deep message...this is the way that our chicken friends who bless us with those gorgeous eggs should live...so this makes me sooooooo happy! I of course have to buy my eggs where I live in the middle of the Jersey suburbs but I do get them freshly laid...I will be sharing that post in the future...I will give you a hint...we get them at the car wash? lol!!! thanks for sharing and your pictures are amazingly beautiful...um...suddenly feeling like a poached egg with a slice of avocado ! hugs...

  6. Hi Laura! I'm a new fan and I also share your beautiful name, Laura :) Nothing better than a Fresh Fried Egg!If anyone is reading this, you must try and get a fresh egg. There is a huge difference in flavor. IDK why, but its kinda like eating a fresh garden tomato in the summertime, the taste is so much better when you get it fresh. Thank you for your beautiful Blog! <3 Laura S.

  7. My daughter raises chickens in Atlanta. Can't wait to reap the benefits when I move down there :)

  8. Why, yes, I'd love a dozen of your amazing eggs, please ... WHICH by the way, NEVER knew that about their coloring! Thanks for the lesson ... AND, the eggs!

  9. May I have a standing order of a dozen eggs a week...I love it that you have your own "mini farm"...and thanks for the chicken feather trivia...never knew that...but then again, I am a city girl wanting to have a country life, but with the mall within 10 miles!!

  10. ... or don't count your chickens before they hatch ...

    :) Linda

  11. Bring some to Haven - I'll put them in my carry on and bring home a few dozen!

  12. Nothing like REAL eggs, is there? It used to be my job to collect eggs in the morning and I can't tell you how many pecks I got doing it-lol 9(and I'm not talking kisses here) xo Diana

  13. I didn't know about the color of the feathers and the eggs. Neat! Love your blog, by the way!

  14. Trade you chickens for cute kids. Our's have stopped laying maybe pissed about winter. The chickens, not our kids.


  15. Well thank you for the eggcellent lesson on eggs! My hubby grew up between Monticello and Convington GA on a chicken farm...oh the stories he has! Have a great evening.

  16. Have always wondered if brown eggs were somehow better for you than white...kinda' like bread I guess??? Who knew it was just the feathers..
    (Thanks so much for visiting...hope you'll come again!)

  17. We have 6 chickens, which is more than enough for the 2 of us. We love the taste of fresh eggs, nothing like it. We don't have a problem with odors, but I guess it's easier to keep the coop with 6 chickens clean than hundreds! lol
    Debbie :)

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