by laura janning

Spring Mantle

March 21, 2013

Do you ever have one of the moments when you have something to say, yet can't find the words to say it?

One of the days weeks when two of children both decide to get a severe stomach bug ( cause the third one decided to go first two weeks ago) and you feel like you have been cleaning up vomit and poop all day week month?

 Do you ever wait till the last minute to put your mantle or Easter decor up because you are too busy taking care of everyone else and the kids think the Easter Bunny won't come unless there are eggs and green grass all over the house?

This is one of those moments.... this is one of those days.... and this is one of those mantles. 
Besides, I figured it was time to share my Spring Mantle before it was 4th of July and I was draping an American Flag over Old Peter Rabit.

So I will leave you with a few words, my mantle and the bunny.

PS- I got the chalkboard art work here. To see my mantel covered in cherry blossoms click here

Grateful for~
My niece graduating the Police Academy 

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  1. Oh how I feel for you, I know the feeling well:).It looks beautiful Laura & I love your family picture. Hope everyone gets well soon!Jen

  2. I love Dear Lillie's chalkboard prints....love the mantel and the vase looks so beautiful with the eggs and forsythia...Congrats to your niece on graduating from the academy!!...

  3. It looks beautiful!Hope everyone gets better soon. Congratulations to your niece. :) Megan

  4. Your mantle looks lovely - sorry that your children have been ill...take care of yourself so that you don't get it next...

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  5. I have entire days...weeks...and yes, MONTHS that feel that way! I have a son who is home on break, another one who will be on break next week and people coming for Easter and I'm feeling more than a little disorganized. I was just talking to someone else who still has Christmas on her porch...and I found a piece of garland still on top of the pantry cabinet this week.

    Your mantel is wonderful and your family is on the mend...hang in there girlfriend and here's to taking life one day at a time and loving the people in it, "All the way to God and Back" xo

  6. I love your mantle! Hope everyone's feeling better now. And congrats to your niece!

  7. Oh, I think the flag may look nice draped over Peter. Cute mantel and hope the bug has been squashed!

  8. Your mantel is gorgeous! I always enjoy seeing that beautiful stone! My kids had the stomach bug two weeks apart from each other so I totally understand!

  9. Once again I'm missing the holidays ... this time I have a good excuse -- as do you! Hope everyone is feeling better ...

  10. Your mantel looks amazing. So sorry to hear about the children, that is always such a trial. Hugs, Marty

  11. You have me beat. I hope this Saturday I can throw a glittered egg or two on my mantel. I have 3 boys so I get the whole putting everything on hold thing.

  12. I hope your Spring mantra will no longer be, "Grab the bucket!".


  13. Your mantel looks wonderful and hope all are getting well quickly and take care yourself!

  14. Oh- you poor girl with 3 sick kids one after the other. It really does you in, doesn't it? Hope you don't get it.
    Love the mantle-OH MY GOODNESS! I love the chalkboard. I hate to sound stupid but does that come as a stencil or is it words that are applied? I know-a little out of the loop here.
    Happy Spring- Hang in there-this, too, shall pass! xo Diana

  15. Oh dear! Well I'm glad it's all past and you got your Easter mantel up. Doing mine today. I remember both my kids having the chicken pox over Easter one year. Congrats to your niece! Grateful for anyone who wants to do that job!

  16. Laura your Spring mantel looks beautiful! I hope the kiddos are feeling better...stomach bugs are the WORST!!

  17. YES to everything! Your Spring Mantel is lovely and I hope the bugs are gone for good.

    xo, Tanya

  18. So sorry that your kids have been sick. My daughter just went through that and then she caught it. I think your spring mantle is just lovely.

  19. Love your mantel and the bunny. Remember I am thinking of you - hang in there friend.

  20. I really need to work on some Easter decor this weekend! This is so cute! Hope the kiddos are feeling much better!

  21. awww...you poor thing and the poor kids! NO FUN AT ALL!!!! hope everyone is doing better for the weekend...sounds like mommy needs a bit of a rest! hugs...

  22. Your mantel is so pretty! I hope all your little ones are on the road to recovery and that you can catch your breath.

  23. I just found you via Pinterest and I am so glad I did, will be visiting again I am sure since there was too much to see in one visit! Loving your style and creative flare, keep on inspiring!


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