by laura janning

Be Careful What You Ask For!

April 26, 2013

Now don't get me wrong, I know I  have shared a few of my builders blunders here and here  but in all honesty, he did some things right..... well almost.....before we fired him anyways.
We went through an extensive interviewing process with a few of the local builders in our area. We selected our builder because he was was willing to let my husband and I put some of our own sweat equity into the house. My builder also came with a "specialty". 
You know, that builders trademark. 
You know, the thing that we absolutely had to have. 
The thing that we would not be able to add later down the road.
The thing that we would regret if we didn't add.
Well, in all this time, all 10 years of living in our home I can honestly say with no hesitation that I have not regretted that decision until....... recently, when I had to paint that trademark ceiling.
 You know, that signature quadruple 4 tier why didn't we do a standard when we built the house ceiling.
Without sounding like I am all that with a paint brush, I do consider myself to be the closet thing to a professional painter while retaining non-professional status, and this ceiling was a challenge. It took me more time to get this finished then most other paint projects. With the constant up and down on the ladder, two coats of the new color and two coats of the new trim color and head tilted back in an upright position, it was a bit more work then I thought it would be when I took the project on.
But this story does end on a good note. Other then some trim work around the windows, the painting is finally just about done.
Here's a sneak peek at the bedroom. When I get the new bedding and curtains up, I will show you the finished space.
So tell me, do you paint your ceilings or leave that for someone else?

PS- Moral of the story... when considering quadruple trey ceilings.....DON'T!

Grateful for~
Patience when painting

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  1. Well it sure looks gorgeous! My best friend had to have the same ceilings. I tried to tell her no. 1/2 way through painting them, she called me to help. What are friends for?!!

  2. Your ceiling is stunning! I don't think I've ever seen anything like this and your did a fantastic job. I painted our bathroom...make that powder room last summer and I thought I would go insane! We now use a professional...you know, one that you have to pay!


  3. It'll be soooo gorgeous when you're done! Can't wait to see the rest of your br. Oh - and I'm one of those who would hire it out. I make a total mess when I paint plus having my neck in that position for so long would do me in. :D Kudos to you for taking such a major project on!

  4. I paint the ceilings too. I also have always painted a lot and can really appreciate all the cutting in and going up and down the ladder you had to do. Way to go!

  5. Wow...your ceiling is amazing, Laura. :) We just have plain old ceilings so we paint them...but they are definitely a pain.

  6. How pretty, love the colors! But painting that ceiling must have been a terribly tedious job!

  7. Love the new paint colors. Now that the job is over, you'll be glad again that you have those gorgeous ceilings. Like you, I consider myself as close as you can get to a professional painter without being professional...so I'd paint my ceilings myself.

  8. Your ceiling is def beautiful, but my neck would kill me if I had to paint a celing like that. Yep, I'd hire it done, if I ever had to paint it again.

  9. Your ceiling is gorgeous and I love the new paint color. Beautiful room. Hugs, Marty

  10. What a beautiful glimpse you gave us into your bedroom. Your ceiling is incredible. At least all that up and down the ladder gave your legs a good work out :). I am still at the 'do it all yourself' stage in the game in efforts to save money where we can so I paint the ceilings myself and quickly realize, when I do, how out of shape my poor arms are.

  11. Wow...I have ceilings in my bedroom that are similar and i cannot imagine you painting yours!!....They are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see the final reveal!!...Great job Laura...have a beautiful weekend!

  12. You are a brave lady, your ceiling is gorgeous!

    xo, Tanya

  13. When I worked full time, I hired my painting done but I was super picky and he was super good. :) Now, since I have retired I do mine own. I actually had a paint contracting business when I lived in Denver and an older gentleman who worked for me and had painted for 40 years showed me a lot of tricks. I love that color. I can see where that ceiling would be a PITA. :) I can't wait to see it all finished. xxoo

  14. I'm like you as to being almost professional in painting. I have painted for over 30 years in both homes and yes I do ceilings, too when needed and hate painting them. I also painted my daughter's home when we built it. So bad on my neck.

  15. Oh I feel for you:). I do all the painting so I can relate. Looks really pretty though!! Have a great weekend friend!

  16. Well the ceiling is beautiful and I know for a fact sheet rockers hate them as much as painters. However I have found the key to getting my ceilings painted in a timely manner by my husband. Call and get a price from a pro painter. Next day mine was done because he's cheap like that.

  17. Your sneak peek looks gorgeous! I can hardly wait to see the rest of the reveal. And good job for you painting that elegant but complicated ceiling. (I honestly don't like painting but seem to be doing it all the time, anyway.)

  18. I would definitely do it myself because I'm too frugal to hire out. Your ceiling is gorgeous and I'm sure the final reveal will be something to behold!

  19. Gorgeous ceiling! A lot of work but it will be worth it! Your bedroom is ah--mazing ;)
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  20. Love this paint color. Can you share what it is? Thanks!


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