by laura janning

Coffee, Tea and a Table Makeover

April 24, 2013

I just love the chance to meet up with my girlfriends for a little uninterrupted chit chat don't you?

 The chance to catch up on whatever we want. Drinking our coffee or tea, and for a good hour just talking about our kids, our husbands, decorating and life. Oh....and tables.
 Tables like this that needed a little more cream, or sugar...or both.
I wasn't  exactly sure what this experienced coffee connoisseur  really needed, so I brought it home with me to figure it all out. Did I tell you that my girlfriends love when I come for coffee cause I always leave with a piece of furniture.
But I don't mind, because cause I get so much more then another project and a cup of coffee. I get someone's friendship and a glimpse into their heart. I get the chance to be a girlfriend, to be trusted and to be loved. We get to laugh at ourselves and kick back.... if only for that precious little hour. 
But that's okay. I will take my hour any morning!
Tell me, do you make time to have coffee/tea time with friends? 

PS- I used AS Old White Chalk paint on the base of the table and sanded the top and applied Minwax in Ebony followed with a clear protective on the top.

Grateful for~

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  1. Time with girlfriends is always special and I love what you did with the table.

  2. What a beautiful little table!!

  3. Relationships need love and a little tender care every now and then, just like a piece of old furniture...very sweet.

  4. Stunning and what a treasure, you AND the table.

  5. Stunning and what a treasure, you AND the table.

  6. Beautiful table Laura!!..and there is nothing like having coffee and great conversation with a precious friend!!...Those are the kind of times we all need to have more often!!

  7. I wish I had girlfriends like you close by to have coffee with and chat about decorating and to load your car with my old, unwanted and in need of love furniture as you leave ...

    :) Linda

  8. Love the table transformation. Yes, I love to have coffee with friends and just enjoy. Wish some lived closer. Hugs, Marty

  9. This is just beautiful, Laura! I love that you left the top it's natural color, it really adds character.

    Wish I could get together with friends more often but we are so spread out (time and distance!). Good for you!


  10. My friends and I are drinkers. And it's rarely coffee.

  11. the top on that table is stunning! love it, laura! i did a similar table today! :)

  12. Beautiful redo Laura! I would love for you to share this with us at Pretty Things this week!

    xo, Tanya

  13. Sadly, no coffee/tea ... my girlfriends and I usually hit the "hard stuff" when we get together. Oops! The table looks fabulous!!

  14. I love coffee with my girlfriends...but don't do it often enough! Your table looks fantastic. xo Diana

  15. I do take time for visits with friends. These days the majority of which I have coffee while reading their blogs and leaving comments.

  16. Oh Laura, I love what you did to the table! The top is beautiful and pairs nicely with the distressed white. (Perfect for a get-together with the girls!)

  17. Not nearly enough, sadly. I miss my stay-at-home days when coffee and tea were easily enjoyed with friends. Someday...
    Cute table!
    xo Heidi

  18. Beautiful table and I love that the top is the darker wood tone! Very pretty redo Laura.

  19. This would be perfect to link to my Inspire Me party that is ongoing.


    Hope to see you there. Hugs Marty

  20. I do! I do take the time to be with them. My friends are cherished treasures. Many times it is only on the phone, both with our morning coffee because some live so far away. Other's as close as across the street. I ALWAYS have time for them. Always! Lovely post.. :)

  21. This post is wonderful, Laura! The table makeover is beautiful and I love the story.

  22. Very cute table. And yes, coffee with friends is the best!
    Mary Alice

  23. Your table turned out lovely Laura! The story was great too :) I'd love for you to come link up this and some of your other projects at my new party!

  24. Your table is looking lovely . I really love your way to arrange the cup at table.

    Glan Deas
    Kopi Luwak


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