by laura janning

How do you follow me????

April 3, 2013

Have you heard????
 Google Reader is going away.
 But don't panic Google users.
No worries...
 You will still be able to find me....
In fact, there are several ways you can receive my updates and read my "amazing" posts.  oh no i did'nt just say that!!!
You don't even need to look that hard. 

I mean come on now, you don't want to miss anything now do you?
The easiest way is to have my posts come directly to your inbox via email. You can sign up here if you want, by entering your email address
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Other ways to follow me~
The so-called replacement and the closet thing to Google reader is called Bloglovin
Bloglovin here
Facebook here
Pinterest here
Twitter here
I am also on instagram @ Top This Top That

I truly do appreciate you following Top This Top That using  whatever method works for you. 

Grateful for~
A close and strong family who will continue to pull together and love each other more then we do today.


  1. Why are they getting rid of it I wonder? Annoying.

  2. I've subscribed so many blogs on google reader that when one of them outstands I add the subscribe by email.

    There are some very creative times in blogosphera that even google reader fell short to show all. Or I'd miss them.

    So when - like in the 2nd visit ;) - I found your blog "AMAzing" I subscribed to receive the updates by email.

    When facebook button appeared, or when I noticed it ;), I also hit "like".

    But then the same tend to happen in FB: I like so many that it tends to be overwhelming... so I chose the "get notifications" and "show in News Feed" so I won't miss a update.

    Enjoy your quality time. Be well.


    Teresa (who not even knows how to get to Instagram... so you're safe ;))

  3. I follow you via email already...but would also follow you to the moon and back!!

  4. Don't want to miss a thing so I will continue to follow you with Bloglovin'. Thanks for the info Laura!

  5. I write a nature blog using Blogger through Google. Is that going away? I only have an option for readers to sign up via email . . .I only have a readership of about 15. Wish I knew what is going on!!


  6. I follow you via email and bloglovin. I keep thinking I have to unsubscribe from the email, silly to get it twice in my inbox. I have already unsubscribed from a bunch of blogs that I am now following on bloglovin because I was getting way too many emails! lol I still have to figure out what is going to work best for me...bloglovin might be the way to go. We'll see...
    Debbie :)


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