by laura janning

It's Much More Then Just a Haircut

April 16, 2013

You know when that moment hits you. 
You decide to do something that you have wanted to do
 for some time. 
Something important, something special.
You arrive for your appointment. You sit in the chair.
There's no turning back.
Your smock is on, you feel the scissors on your hair and
 in a split second.........

it's over.  Your hair falls to the floor. All 10.25  inches of it. 

You sit there happy, confident and proud. 
Unable to contain your emotions, a slight tear runs 
down your cheek. 
 After all this time you can finally cross this wish off 
your bucket list. 
#118. Donate Hair to Locks of Love

You see, this post really isn't about my haircut, 
it's about so much more.
 It's about finding purpose, meaning and making a difference.
 The haircut was my difference and my ability to donate the hair to such a wonderful cause is my purpose. 
Typically, I am not one to take self portraits in the car( parked) on the way home from the hairdresser and post them on my blog. 
 My posts are usually about a project, a household tip or a craft. 
Usually it's a funny story about my simple little country life, my dogs, pony, donkey's, fish and my wonderful family that
 I love dearly. 
But today it's different. 
Today I show you my hair as a way to inspire you to give back, have meaning and to
 make a difference.
 Our family's recent tragedy has reinforced the simple truths of life. That you must love every minute of your life, everyday.
 Love what you are doing and love the people that surround you.

Today, I am not asking you to run right out and get a cute new haircut. I am asking you though, to love your wonderful life, love what you are doing and to begin crossing off those wishes on your bucket list........  
What are you waiting for? 

What things are you doing in your life to make a positive and meaningful difference for yourself and for others?

PS-no more cheesy self portraits. I promise!

Grateful for~
The chance to give back.

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  1. you look adorable! i donated a few years back and it is such a good feeling!

  2. Gorgeous! And good for you! That was a major haircut! My daughters both donate their hair. They inherited their hair from their daddy. My hair wouldn't help a barbie doll- LOL! I need to actually write out a bucket list. You inspire!

  3. Love it Laura! Good for you!

  4. What a wonderful idea, Laura! You are so right...I believe it's important to love the life you have! I try and remind myself of that everyday.You look great with short hair!

  5. Congratulations, Laura. You look adorable and what a wonderful thing you have done. xo Laura

  6. Laura, You look marvelous! Thanks for the reminder to love my life. I do.

  7. Cute haircut, Laura! Excellent advice, too!

  8. Darling haircut and great sentiment, my friend!

  9. You look adorable and are so giving!! Hope you are doing well!

    Take care,

  10. I know the exact feeling Laura! I always feel like I could be doing more to give back to others even in the smallest of ways. We are so blessed and to think that just giving someone your hair can make a little girls face lite up while she is going thru possibly chemo is amazing. Thanks for inspiring post today! BTW.....your haircut is adorable! Have a super week!

  11. Sweet post and love your new do. Last year my three year old granddaughter told her mom she wanted to cut her hair off for the locks of love so another child could use her hair. Such a great cause.

  12. You look mah-velous dahling! Sassy - just like you. And helping someone in the process is the icing on the cake - you go girl!

  13. Stunning, brave, selfless woman!

  14. Way to go Laura! Donating your hair takes so much time and commitment. Just imagine how you'll change somebody's life! Your look adorable!

  15. Great post...inspiring! There's a life lesson to be learned there. Your new "do" is cute too! ;)

  16. Congratulations! I am so inspired by you! Think of how much someone out there will appreciate what you have done! Your new haircut looks beautiful too!

  17. My daughter went for a trim one time and came home with a pixie! I forget how many inches she left behind and it took some time to get used to her very short doo.

    Your new cut my dear looks totally, completely, CUTE!


  18. Laura, Someone as sweet as you will be so grateful to wear your locks of love. Hopefully, SHE will, one day, be able to pay it forward. I know SHE will never forget your kindness. Still keeping your family in my prayers.

  19. You look gorgeous "dah-ling!" And, what a great thing you did for an incredible cause! You've changed someone's life ... you rock!

  20. Laura not only do I love that you donated your beautiful hair to help another, but your look amazing! Super sassy new do, lookin good :)

    xo, Tanya

  21. You did a wonderful, selfless thing, Laura, and I know by posting it, you may be inspiring others to give of themselves. I know I am! And your new haircut is so cute!


  22. Win-win! You have done a wonderful thing and your haircut is just perfect! So flattering and chic! Bravo!

  23. I intended to leave a comment, saying how darling your hair looks, and how fortunate someone will be to be the recipient of your generous heart. I didn't know I would leave with tears running down my face, I have a 22 year old niece and I can't imagine the heartache your family is dealing with, I'm so sorry, you're all in my prayers.

  24. I have been seeking ways to make a difference in someone's life - you are an encouragement. Cute, cute haircut, too!


  25. Good for you, this is such a fabulous cause. I also adore your new hair style, you look amazing. Job well done. Hugs, Marty

  26. You look gorgeous! Thank you for doing this for Locks of Love ~ I know how vital it is for those going through treatment for cancer. I've volunteered with Chemo Angels for 10 yrs as well as Soldier's Angels. If you feel like giving back, I strongly recommend both!


  27. What a lovely post, Laura! Your niece is so proud of you right now... the message we all needed to hear today.
    hugs to you ~ xo Heidi

  28. Good for you! What a great cause! Way to go on crossing something off of your bucket list and by the way...you look adorable!

  29. Oh I just love it, Laura! The new length looks great on you. My daughter has donated her locks a couple of times, but Locks of Love wasn't around when I wore my hair that long.

  30. YEAH for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have given an amazing gift that TRULY will change someone's life. God bless you for that. You look adorable too!!! My hair is very short so I could never donate. I applaud you, Laura. XO, Pinky

  31. Wonderful. Your hair and the cause!
    Have a great day.

  32. awww.....my little brother was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was four years old. He will be graduating from high school this year. (Yes...we are that far apart. Mom was pregnant with him at MY hs graduation.) :) My stepdad actually grew his hair out and donated it to Locks of Love. :) This is a subject that is very close to our hearts. Thank you for caring. k.

  33. What an important message and gesture! You are so right. Life is precious and fleeting. I really need to start enjoying it more than I have been.

  34. This is so wonderful my friend!!!! Kudos to you...I do believe I will be joining you in a few months...I have done it before and I have almost enough to do it again. Thank you for being the incredible person that you are and may I say...the new do looks MARVELOUS!!!! :) Sending you hugs and love...you are in 3 words...FAB U LOUS!!!!!

  35. What a beautiful thing to do ... and love the "after" beauty shot. Just beautiful!

    :) Linda

  36. Laura I am so sorry I am just getting around to commenting on this and telling you how beautiful you are - inside and out. Aside from the fact that this is truly an act of love from your heart... I LOVE THE NEW DO! I so want the courage to cut my hair. Maybe I will let it grow out a few more inches and do the same. You have truly inspired me. xxoo

  37. Laura,

    I expect to see MANY more cheesy photos of yourself and your cute new haircut.

    Here's the deal.....

    .....you see....you are a rock star inside and out. :)

    Love you,

  38. You look fabulous! I had cancer last year, but did not need chemo, and so did not lose my hair. I am growing my hair for LoL now, and so is my daughter. We plan to have our ponytails cut off together in June. She lives in Cali, and our home is on the east coast. Not sure I will have as much left as you do, but it'll grow! Blogless Peggy, turtlemss@aol.com

  39. My 6 yr old great-niece donated her hair to locks of love. She said it too her whole life to grow it. Ive been thinking along the same lines as your post. I try to be steadfastly loving and mindful of those around me. I pray for you & your sister & family to have the peace thsat passes all understanding and for God to wrap around you all and heal you in His time.

  40. Congrats on your giving goal being reached! What a great feeling. Your new do is very, very pretty!

  41. Oh my Laura...I totally missed this post....Your new haircut is absolutely stunning!...you look so beautiful in your new haircut...I love it!!!...What a great thing to do for Locks of Love...

  42. Your new haircut is just adorable, Laura, and especially for the reason you did it. As someone else commented, my hair wouldn't help a Barbie doll, but I'm totally supportive of those who do this wonderful thing.


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